Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Things I Did This Year

My last post of 2014!!! Looking at a list I published of ten things I wanted to do this year, as the year is coming to an end I wanted to see which ones I actually did and what other things I did too.

I ate healthy all of spring, summer and autumn... Christmas hasn't be so good...

I've actually managed to do a little bit of yoga on the odd day where I have a bit of extra time.

I've been pretty good in terms of socializing! Well I think I have anyways! I spent most of summer hanging out with friends and made a BFF at uni that I like hanging out with in between classes, instead of going on the computer.

Since the summer I've been drinking a minimum of around 2 liters a day! Which is amazing! It makes me feel so much better, I haven't really been braking out and I've been much less bloated! 

I've started learning Spanish which is really exciting! Hola!

This year I went to Paris, Malta, Italy and Las Vegas. This was also my first time in America. Seeing the world has been the BEST! I would recommend saving for a holiday over clothes to anyone! Seriously. Malta was so beautiful, I went: snorkeling and saw fish, on a cruise, jumped off the cruise ship, ate shark and emerged myself in another culture! I also got my hair braided for the first time! I wasn't allowed to as a child... 

I've been doing things that make me happy by leaving things (and people) that make me unhappy. I was inspired by a video made by Tyrese Gibson and you can watch it here!

I dyed my hair bright red, which I was a little scared of but thought, fuck it, and  I LOVED it!

I got a job! Watch my interview tips I filmed! I really wanted a job this year to fund travelling, clothes,
meals and just to enjoy myself without being dependent on anyone.

You guys decided to read my blog over 20,000 times! WHAT is this?!
~ it's so nice to know that people are actually reading what I'm writing.

I went to a festival, it wasn't anything massive but it was called Zoo Project in Leicester (somewhere in Britain) and it was the first festival I have ever been too! I won two tickets from a raffle at my uni which was free to enter so I thought, why not? I went with my boyfriend and we really enjoyed it. Although, we are both hygiene freaks so hated not being able to shower. We really wanted to go camping and we love to party, but we got a bit bored during the day, so we drove over to Nottingham for a little day trip (I went there for a cheer comp before and loved it).

I tried fro-yo for the first time! It was AMAZING!

I threw a non-birthday party for my boyfriend Arun, including presents, a party and cake... Because, why not?! Arun and I discovered our favourite restaurant Joe's Southern Kitchen in Covent Garden, Their specials and the coq of the week are always ones to look out for!


Love O

Monday, 22 December 2014

5 Ways To Save The Planet This Christmas

1) Re-gift.

Instead of throwing your presents away, think about whether it could serve someone else well. Remember, one mans trash is another mans treasure! Otherwise just pop over to your local charity shop, they'll definitely be grateful for it!

2) Ditch Iceland 

Instead of getting your turkey and all your other festive dishes from the supermarket, try to get locally sourced food. This is good for your local economy and farmers, and is also good because it reduces food miles and your carbon footprint.

3) Plant a Tree

Instead of buying a fake Christmas tree or cutting one down, which are both bad for the environment, why don't you plant one? If you plant a special Christmas tree with your family in a little pot, you can keep it for years to come. When it grows out of the pot, you can plant it in your garden and watch it continue to grow. You could also make natural decorations for your tree, for example, pine cones look and smell great.

4) Turn the lights off

Don't leave your Christmas lights on 24/7. Simply turn them off when you leave the room or only turn them on when you have guests over, to save electricity. 

5) Waste not Want not

Never throw away you left over Christmas food! Turkey and stuffing makes a great sandwich (check out my recipe here) and you could use the vegetables and potatoes to make a shepherds pie! If you have a pet, I'm sure they'd appreciate a bit of nice meat for a change, otherwise put it in the compost and it'll do wonders for your plants.

Love O

Friday, 19 December 2014

COOK: Turkey, Stuffing, Brie & Cranberry Sauce

This is by far my favourite Christmas lunch at the moment, I've been having it before work and I love it! What best is that it's so quick and easy to make, and not to mention cost friendly!

What you'll need:

Turkey/ham slices
Stuffing slices
Brie Cheese
Strawberry Jam (as a substitute for cranberry sauce, it literally tastes the same!)
Bread - I used wholemeal 

I was lucky because I found a pack of turkey, ham and stuffing slices in a pack all together, for like kids lunch, so I got that! But basically all you do is layer your slices of turkey and stuffing, cut chunks of cheese and put that on top and then spread your jam on the bread. Put it in a toastie maker and voila: 

Love O

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Vlogmas Day 1-3

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

HAUL: My Favourite Things Bought From Las Vegas

Here are my favourite things from from Vegas that I bought. I'm a big fan of lots of little things instead of big things. I'm not sure why, but I always have. I'm obsessed with all these cute little things that I bought and use pretty much daily! I think the socks are adorable and this is the first Wet n Wild eye trio I have tried, but oh my god I can't get enough! The Victoria secret eau de parfum's are amazing too!! Oh and my favourite Bath & Body works hand santizer is snow man pop. It is literally a tub of Christmas! They frickin need to bring it to the UK.

I bought so much more and a couple of other things that I LOVE, but you shall have to wait for the Vlog to see those.  Mwahaha! ;) 

Where everything shown is from:

Socks: Forever 21
Perfumes: Victoria's Secret
Nail varnish: Sally Hansen
The Simpsons eyeshadow palette (Marge's Extra Ingredient's Quad): Mac
3 smaller eyeshadow palettes: Wet n Wild
Hand Sanitzers: Bath & Body Works
Baby lips: Maybelline
Purse: Guess

Love O

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Zoella Ghostwriter: The Girl Behind The 'Girl Online'

I'm sure all of you know Zoella, I'm also sure nearly all of you have heard of the success of her new book but what many people don't know- and until today neither did I- is that her book was actually ghost-written.

First and fore-mostly, I feel like I need to say this before the little zoe-minions call me jealous and what-not, but I am one million percent not an ounce jealous of Zoella or of her success. I think what she has done is incredible and I'm all for girl power, so knowing a girl has the amount of power and influence she has, is crazy! Yet, the news that she didn't pen her story herself has really disappointed me and here I will explain why.

Zoella, or Zoe Sugg, isn't the first person to use a ghost writer, yet it bugs me that she claimed to have been working on the book for a couple of years- Working on what? You didn't write it? And while she insists she invented the characters and story line, I can't help but think that, anyone with a basic grasp of English (or a shot of Vodka) can do that. I used to write little stories in scrap books when I was a child, but that didn't make me an author. 

I also feel like Sugg has been a little sly in that, unlike Katie Price, she didn't openly say she used ghost writers. She lead her viewers on, into believing not only did she write it but that she put a lot of hard work into it, without ever mentioning or praising the true writers behind her novel.

What makes this really disappointing is that her book is the fastest selling in history since records began, beating women like J.K.Rowling who really worked for her novel to sell the amount of copies it did. How is that fair on amazing authors who don't have fame and an abundance of followers, who will buy any product with their name slapped on it, but deserve it so much more?

It also demotivates us writers who put 110% into our work but feel like 'what's the point', if someone else who's famous can just emblazon their name across it whilst putting little talent into it, and it sell a record breaking number of copies just because of the amount of followers they have on the internet. 

Books should be about how well an author writes, not a popularity contest. 

Finally, I feel sorry for her fans, who invested both their time and money into this product, to only find out it isn't really from her.

I'm Sorry if this opinion post was a little negative! What do you guys think?

Love O

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Liebster Award Questions Answered

I've been nominated for quite a lot of these, so if you search it in the search bar, you could see the bloggers I have nominated. Anyhoo, I thought I'd answer the questions from the two blogs that tagged me! :)

Questions 1

1. What is your blogging style? Do you schedule blog posts in advance or just write when you have inspiration? Why?

I think I'm quite informal and write as I talk. I rarely schedule blog posts because I'm always way too busy but when I have inspiration I'll write loads of drafts and then edit them when I want to.
2. Your favourite affordable lipstick brand and your favourite 'splash out' lipstick brand?

I love Sleek lipsticks. They're affordable but feel like a treat because they're amazing.
3. A blogger you would love to meet and why?

Russell Brand vlogs, so does he count? Otherwise Tanya Burr because she seems quite lovely.
4. Instagram, Twitter or Facebook? 

Facebook. I explain why here!
5. What made you decide to start blogging? 

I just wanted a space to write, and as an aspiring journalist, a blog seemed a good place to start.
6. Describe yourself in three words. 

Bubbly, Geeky and Creative
7. Are you more of a fan of Vlogs or Blogs? Why do you think that? 

I used to prefer blogs but I'm loving vlogging at the moment and I'm going to be doing much more over on Youtube over the christmas. I just think it's a lot easier to be yourself and also interact with others. But otherwise I love to read or watch both, depending on my mood that day!
8. Your favourite season to blog about and why? 

Summer because it gets me in the going out mood which leads to lots of fun posts and OOTD's.
9. Where do you see yourself in two years in terms of where your blogging will take you?

I will have just finished my degree *Cry relentlessly*. So blogging and being as creative as possible! I want to be doing daily blogs and vlogs and make it a kind of 9-5 job.
10. When are you most productive during the day? 

From 11 until around 3. I have a really rubbish attention spam, so I get bored after 3 and just want to play around but I find it really hard to concentrate early in the morning.

1. What do you like best about your blog/ what makes it different/ unique? 
I like that on the top right hand side of my blog where my about me should I have a little instagram box that shows all my latest photos one by one as it shows you what I've been getting up to lately. I also like at the very bottom of my blog it shows you what was popular this month. My blog is unique because it's not all about fashion and beauty, it me talking frankly about many other life issues such as love. I'm also really honest and just say it how it is.

2. What do you want to improve about your blog? 

I want to blog soooo much more and put more time into my posts, but it's impossible at the moment because of work and uni scedules being so hectic!

3. What is your dream job and is it linked with blogging? 

My dream job would be in broadcast journalism such as TV or documentary presenting. I love geography so presenting something like the discovery channel would be amazing!! Blogging/Vlogging would be a wonderful job too.

4. Where in the world do you want to go above anywhere else?

Thailand! This was really hard because I think the world is so amazing and there's so many amazing places I want to see but I just love Thai food and culture and think it would be surreal to actually see. I also really want to go to Bali, New York and Tokyo.

5. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be and way? 

Salad! I eat salad EVERY day! Literally! I think it tastes amazing, it's one of my favourite foods, along with seafood and lasagna, and it's just so versatile! You could add a different dressing everyday, or different vegetables! The possibilities are endless!

6. Link to one blog post you are particularly proud of and explain why. 

This was quite hard because there are a few, but probably my Younique lash one because it's the first time I was ever sponsored to do a post and the lady was all the way from America and posted it down for me to review. It was just really cool! I also really liked writing this post even though it's quite an old one.

7. What are you hoping to find under the tree this Christmas or best gift you have ever received? 

Some really warm fluffy socks (I have a sock obsession!) and a lovely pyjama set! I'm quite easily pleased to be honest! haha but a Sony DSLR would also be nice ;) 

8. What is your favourite book?

Ohhhhh I'm a giant bookworm! I've read probably close to a hundred books so this is so hard for me! I loved Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella, A place called here and Thank You for the memories, both by Cecelia Ahern, The Beautiful creatures and Harry Potter series are also my favourites and finally The Lovely Bones was beautiful.

9. Do you read magazines and if so which ones and why? 

Yes, I have a collection! I Used to only read Elle so I have a lot of them, but I'm more into reading the actual feature articles now than looking at the fashion photos so my favourites are now cosmo and marie claire. I'm not actually a massive vogue fan... Shock horror! 

10. What feature do you like most about yourself?

I only really like my eyes, because they are mermaid eyes, I have dark blue on the outside, light blue on the inside and yellow around the pupil, so I get a lot of comments on them. 

I hope this has somewhat got you to know me a little better? If you have any questions comment below! :) 
Love O

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

MAN vs FOOD Isleworth Review

Last week, Arun and I went to the Man vs Food resteraunt in Isleworth because we are obsessed with the TV show and were so happy they brought it to London.

It's quite awkwardly located if I'm honest as it's down an extremely busy road where there's no parking but we managed to park and make our way into the diner.

On walking in, I quite liked the atmosphere, it was just really chilled and filled with good banter. I guess more like a bar than a restaurant. It had a buzz.


We were welcomed by very friendly staff and given the menu, which was around the same price as restaurants such as Nandos, The Byron, GBK... So you're basically looking at around £15-20 ahead.
I thought not to bad considering it is supposed to be pretty good (our poorly judged opinion was purely based on the TV show).

To start we ordered the chicken wings, which for a starter was around the same size as my boyfriends main! The chicken wings were doused in this amazing hot sauce which I couldn't get enough of... Yet the chicken itself was odd. The bones seemed to be broken so marrow was leaking in places, and parts of the wing were black which I thought was strange. 

Now the main, I wish I could say something positive, but to start, it took around 20 minutes to start, not bad, except Arun's (my boyfriend) came and they completely forget about mine bringing it over around another 15 minutes later. 

Yes, by the time my burger had arrived to me it was cold. As cold as a bloody dead fish. Although it was impressively large (bigger than my hand, as shown above) the food just didn't meet the quality I had expected. I would honestly rather had eaten a Big Mc, which if you you me, you'll know I've eaten maybe 3 McDonald's in the past 5 years and only in emergencies! The bun was freezing like as if it hadn't been cooked at all, the meet tasted of rubber but was concealed by a large slop of cheese. It was supposed to be a BBQ style burger with BBQ sauce, because I was having some serious cravings but it didn't have any in it. Literally none! Zilch.   


So I put a load of chili sauce on it. 

I stubbornly ate my burger because by this point it was around 9pm and I hadn't eaten anything since 11am. It's really true... You'll eat anything if you're really hungry! I left nearly all the bun and tried to munch my way through as much of the burger as possible. 
Luckily, the chips weren't too shabby, so I happily ate those! 
So, the moral to this review is, don't risk it and go to either Nandos, KFC or GBK for a tasty but inexpensive meal worth paying for!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

How to use Social Media to Gain Blog Views

So I have found another obsession... Pinterest. Oh my god, isn't it addictive?! If you want to check out my pinterest just click here. I'm also on a load of other platforms, so here are my links and ramblings on them!

Facebook is a great way to interact with other bloggers and find out about blogger events and find people to collab with. It also great if you want to join groups as well as make your own facebook page for your blog. Although it doesn't get you many post views it's good just to join the group and get to know other bloggers, see what kind of things people are posting that much and if you fancy following some bloggers. With some groups having around 6,000 members, you're sure to find a new blog to love!

I love instagram. It's also a great way to see what other bloggers take photos of to inspire your blog. I love looking at outfit posts when I'm stuck on what to wear. In terms of traffic, I don't get many from instagram

Hashtags are your best friend!! Learn to tweet after every time you post. Twitter gets me quite a lot of views. Tag groups that can retweet your tweet too because that will increase the audience that can view your post.

Although Polyvore doesn't get me many views or followers, it is great for making collages and looks such as this.

I don't get any views from tumblr, but I don't have any followers really *cough* feel free to follow my tumblr *cough*. However, I love using tumblr for inspiration. If I need a photo, tumblr is my place to go! It's like instagram, except the photos are much more indie and you don't have to upload photos- unless you want to of course.

I just joined pinterest, but it's so good for creating boards of what you've just posted. I'm doing the very tedious job of going through all my old posts and making pinterest boards for them. But honestly, it is worth it because I have got a fair amount of views from it already!

Which is your favourite social platform for blogging? Facebook and Twitter are mine. How do you share your posts?

Love O

Monday, 17 November 2014

I'm in Vegas!

Hey guys,

This is a message I wrote last week for today- ohhhh a message in the future-Anyways, so I'm in... drum roll please...... VEGAS!

Unfortunately I am not at home to post right now or on Wednesday which is Oracle Day! Don't you fret though because I forward planned and scheduled an exciting post, for you all my lovelies!
I probably couldn't have told you, and you wouldn't have known. But, seeing as I'm going Vegas, which is my first time even in America, I thought I'd ask you guys what I should get from here, what to do and anything else you want to tell me about Vegas or just America in general, that is different to us brits.

When I get back I will most definitely be filming a huge haul and maybe even a couple of Vlogs while I'm away!

Love O

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

My Top 5 Beauty Hacks

I don't know if you can tell, but I've really been getting into vlogging lately! Don't worry if you hate vlogs because I have some other non log stuff coming up too soon.. But yeah, not sure why, but vlogging has been really fun lately. Comment below if you like watching vlogs and want me to do more! These are my Top Five Beauty Hacks! 

It was pretty sunny when I filmed, so I look a little white!

Love O

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

How To Know He's The One

So you've found your guy? You really like him. But how do you know he's the one? Well, after doing thorough research-and I mean reading a heck of a lot of cosmo and glamour- here is my list of ways to know that he/she is 'the one'.

1) You can’t imagine life without him

When you don't see him for a week, you don't say I miss you to be nice, you really do miss him and can't wait for that lovely, warm hug. When you go to the movies or to dinner, you can't help but think there is no one else you'd enjoy doing it more with. You get really excited about going on holiday and sharing new experiences with him and it upsets you to think of breaking up and going through all these new experiences with someone else. When you watched Snape cry over Lily's death, you knew his pain because you simple can't imagine your life anymore without your other half.

2) It's never awkward

Whether you are sitting quietly doing your own thing or hanging out and you pause to look at each other and simply smile. There is never an awkward silence, it's always cool and chilled because you feel completely relaxed in his company. You could be doing the most stupid thing ever like dancing around to 'Love is a battlefield' whilst singing into your hairbrush while he's on the laptop and you really don't care. 

3) You never get bored of him

Yes sometimes you might get sick of each other and need a day or two to hang out on your own. That's because you're in a relationship, you're not Siamese twins, you don't need to see each other everyday so when you do, you will obviously get a bit sick of each other and bicker, like you do with your family. But, if even after a year he can still make you laugh and you still get excited to see him and to do your make-up to make yourself look cute, just to impress him. Then that means you're still fundamentally attracted to him as you still enjoy his company and you want him to equally be attracted to you. If within a year you're already like 'ugh I can't be bothered to see him' then you sure won't last a lifetime!

4) You trust him

You don't mind him going out with the boys, because you whole hardheartedly trust him. If even when he's out with the boys, he will take that minute to text you good night, then you know he' a keeper. 
Also, if you can trust him with your feelings. You can tell him anything and you know he'll support you. You trust that he won't hurt you by saying your thoughts suck. 
For me, I like that I trust my man so much, that if I ask him will I like a dish or a movie, I know that he knows me inside out and will know whether I do. Obviously that only comes with time, but if after a year he still doesn't know you hate mushrooms and keep cooking it for you, sack him!

5) You still fancy him 

If you still look at him when he's not looking, like a little teenage girl, and think god he's hot, then you are well and truly in love. Especially if you think he's gorgeous even after he's started deciding it's ok to fart in front of you. Do you think about him and smile? 
Yes you may still fancy that famous actor, *cough* Robert Downey Jr *cough*, but at the end of the day you still fancy him as much as the day you first met him and don't look at men on the street and think I wish my man was that hot.

6) He’s the person you call first with news

Whether it's a promotion at work or your favourite character on The Vampire Diaries has died, he's the first person you run to call! He doesn't even watch the TV Show but he knows all their names and what's been happening because you call him and tell him about the series so much. When you and your friends have a fight you call him and feel so much better after because he really listens and gives the best advice. Even when you're in the wrong he'll try to be understanding and won't shout at you and will just say I understand your point but you should say sorry. Because he's not just your boyfriend he's your best friend. He also is up to date on all the gossip about you and all your friends and work. He knows who the 'guy with the wonky eye' is and who your friends are now dating. Why? Because you can't help but tell him everything.

7) He's your biggest fan

When you tell him your doing a cheer competition or playing at a pub, he want's to be at the front row watching rehearsals and the live show. He is so proud of you and loves to show off how well you're doing. When you do well at work, he vocally tells you how much you make him proud and vice versa. When he does well you can't help telling all your friends and family how good he's doing.

8) Your his Queen and he's your King

You have a lot of respect for each other and treat each other as equals. So, you go out of your way to look after each other. When your ill he offers to make soup and when he's had a rubbish day at work you offer to make him his favourite meal. He still opens doors for you and treat you like a lady even after the honey moon. Once in a while he still whine and dines you. But ladies, don't expect things from him. He won't treat you like his queen if you don't treat him like your king. Sometimes make him breakfast in bed, take turns washing up, let him play his playstation because as much as you want to be treated, so does he. Men aren't put on the planet to serve us women. We are here to work together in unity. So if he treats you with respect, he still says please and thank you, he doesn't shout at you just because he's stressed, he takes the time to treat you sometimes and shows his appreciation when you treat him, even if it's just a doughnut. Then he's worth it. 

9) He'll make sacrifices for you

His friends are going on a once in a lifetime holiday but it's your birthday, so he skips it to be with you on your special day. That there is true love my friend. If he has football on Monday and Wednesday but you can only see him then, then he will try to re-arrange one of the days to see you. Likewise if one of you wants to see the football and the other wants to see the latest chick flick, he will compromise, football this week and the film next week. And he will stick to this promise! If he can't be bothered to make any sacrifices for you then he's clearly not that into you.

10) He only has eyes for you.

You're at the bar and get served by the hottest waitress ever, but he doesn't even notice her tiny shorts or her boobs pretty much running away from her shirt, because he's too busy looking at you. Or a girl on the street checks him out when you're together and he doesn't even see. And the best? When a girl actually goes to flirt with him, while you're in the bathroom and he proudly says I have a girlfriend straight away, and then you walk back from the bathroom he smiles because you make him happy. If he loves you so much that no other girl matters and vice versa. Then you know he's the one.

Have you found your one? How did you know he was the right one? 
Love O

Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My Top 10 Bloggers

the addictive blog awardSo I got nominated for 'The Addictive Blog Award'. Awesome! Firstly I'd like to thank 'A piece of Viola' who nominated me! I've known her since forever but didn't know she had a blog, so that was a lovely surprise! 
For this award, I have to tell you  why I blog (other than the obvious fact that it's the best thing ever) and then nominate ten other blogs that I find addictive. So without hesitation...:)

Why I blog

My blog started off as a diary for my teenager self to write in. As I explained in my first post, it was more of a journal documenting my transition from a teenager to young adult. Emphasizing on that my twitter name was Diary of a Teenager. I would write weekly diary entries of what I had been up to. However, as I find myself turning 20 soon, I decided in the summer I wanted to change my blog name and re-brand myself. Although I am still the girly, flirty and childish girl I will always be, because that's just me, but I wanted this platform to be more of a magazine, where I produce more proffesional style articles such as reviews, recipes and tips. Here was the birth of my current blog. It's the same blog just a little more grown up. Now I blog for me, instead of to let off steam like a diary, it's for pure enjoyment. I love to share my views and as a journalism student I just really like to write and have a chance to share my thoughts with potentially people from all over the world. That's what is so crazy, for me, I think it's amazing the potential reach of a single blog post. People from places you'd never imagine can read my thoughts. I also love the idea that my blog is my temple, I have no religion, no church, no temple, so for me my blog is a place where I can relax and find my thoughts, some serenity in a busy day, as well as be part of a community of other bloggers. 

Ten blogs I’m addicted to

Mr Kate
I LOVE MR KATE! She has the coolest and quirkiest ideas! I find myself reading and watching her stuff all the time. Her and Joe are also too cute. Oh and I love her tattoos.

Free People
I love to check their DIY page when I'm feeling creative. So many boho ideas that look so stylish and remind me of that beachy boho California girl everyone loves!

Blondes Love Cupcakes
Firstly, I think that is the cutest blog name ever! I always find something interesting to read on this blog. The layout is stunning and it's a pleasure to read. The articles are all so simple but inspiring.

Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind
The best cake recipes, like, ever! Seriously. If you're ever having a naughty day, pop down and take a look at their baked goods and I'm sure you'll find something to bake that will satisfy your craving.

Tuula  AND Gary Pepper
I love to look at their beautiful photos. They both have the most amazing fashion sense and I love to look at the pics if I'm having a down day or stuck on what to wear, to inspire me. Tuula is more boho meets glamour whilst Gary Pepper is more smart-vintage. They have beautiful photos of their travels too. 

A Beautiful Mess
I love food. And I love the food she cooks. It always looks so beautiful and tasty. I don't go go on this blog that much but when I do, I can't get off!

I love her health posts! She makes me want to get up an exercise! She always has great fitness videos too.

Hello October
She reminds me of Tanya Burr who I also love to pieces. Her posts are always well informed with plenty of lovely pictures which I spend a fair amount of time looking at instead of reading the actual post... Ooops. Sorry!

Being Little
She has some pretty cool lifestyle post. I actually read the writing on her blog and not just look at the photos!

I'm sorry if you were hoping this was going to be a Halloween post! Which blogs are you addicted to?

Love O

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Fall Primark Haul

I found a few treasures in my local primarni! I bought a few basic shirts, featuring a beautiful gothic-esque floral pattern and an antique style floral pattern. Floral in fall... GROUNDBREAKING! Ugh now I want to watch the devil wears prada. My jumper is also super cute! Anyways, this post isn't very long because the video speaks for itself.. So watch it guys and girls!

Love O

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Zoella Beauty- An Honest Review

As I'm sure by now you all now, blogger Zoella has released a beauty range called Zoella Beauty and I was super lucky to be gifted a couple of things from the range from a friend a couple of weeks ago (Thank You!).  So here are my thoughts and honest opinions of the products!

Zoella Eyes Beauty Bag

What I Think: I love the make-up bag! I think the colour is adorable and for every girly girl out there and I also think it's really cute that she used the photo from her blog on it, which gives it a personal touch. Size wise, it is perfect for carrying your everyday makeup, it's fits a couple of small palettes and the necessities, On the downside, the zip is quite awkwardly placed in the middle so you really have to open the bag widely and tumble around to get what you want out of the bag. But other than that it's great! It's also super handy that it's in that water-proof kind of fabric like Cath Kidston bags, which makes it really easy to clean. Possible a little bit pricey for a make-up bag which doesn't have any compartment or pockets but it's too cute.

Price: £8

Rating: ★ 

Zoella Soak Opera - Bath Soak/Shower Cream 490ml

What I Think: True to Zoe, she has kept her collection super personal and made her products with little hints of orange on the packaging which as you all now is her favourite colour. I thought that was adorable. The actual product is a shimmering pink and quite thick and gloopy- it kinda reminds of the unicorn blood from Harry Potter. I'm not too keen on the product as although it smelt divine, I found it a little bit sticky and I wasn't too keen on the ingredients used. That being said it is super affordable and a reasonable size. I would just prefer to pay a little more for a more luxury brand when applying a shower cream as you use it on sensitive parts of your body that need a bit of TLC.

Price: £5


Zoella Blissful Mistful 45ml

 What I Think: I adore the name Blissful Mistful, it's just so cute! The scent is also lovely, if you were a fan of the Britney Spears Fantasy perfume, then this one's for you! It's super sweet and girly with a slight musky note. The packaging is lovely and looks like a dainty version of a luxury brand perfume, you can see there was a Topshop influence with the polka-dots and scrawled hand writing, but I really like that. In scent and concept it is quite similar to the Hollister Body Mist, I prefer the scents to the Hollister one's just because they have more sweet scents available but if you like a less sickly sweet smell, this one's for you. It's also a little pricey for how small it is, in comparison to the well established Hollister one's, as you only get 45ml of product in Zoella's Blissful Mistful, but the packaging is so much nicer and looks so much prettier in your room as it is glass and metal instead of plastic, (It's taking pride of place next to my Miss Dior, in my little perfume collection, see below) so I'm assuming that's where the money is going. It's a shame that like all body mists, the smell doesn't last long, but all in all, the smell is amazing and it's so cute and pretty that I don't mind it doesn't last long as I can carry it in my bag to top it up and it's pretty cheap to replace when I run out.

Price: £8


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Thursday, 9 October 2014

VLOG Younique 3D Fiber Lash: Is It Worth The Hype? An Honest Review

Before I write anything about the product, I wanted you to know that I wasn't paid to review this product and these opinions given are my own. If you disagree with my views then that is fine and if you agree with me then that is fine too. I  just wanted to make this as honest of a review as possible to give you a fair opinion and to help you make up your own mind of the product. I have also included photos so that as well as my review, you can see the results for yourself and decide whether or not you like it.

The Facts:

Cost: £23 for the mascara or £69 for the kit.

Where you can buy it:Younique are recruiting UK presenters to join their team! If you're interested in making an income from selling Younique products like the 3D Fiber Lashes, click here to register or buy any of the Younique products.

How it works: Unlike a regular mascara, Younique 3D Fiber Lash comes with two mascaras: A fiber one and a transplanting gel. I don't know the science behind it but basically, the natural fibers work by sticking to the transplanting gel, making your lashes appear thicker and fuller.

My Opinion:

My Vlog including a Demo and Review 

Final thoughts: As you can see from the photos below, my lashes are naturally quite long, so they look alright even with one coat of mascara. I'm not sure if this made it harder to tell if the product is working on me. As promised I also compared the 3D Lash Mascara to 4 coats of regular mascara, and I found very similar, if not slight better, results. Again, I'm not sure if that's just my lashes. I followed the instructions exactly but found the natural fibers wand quite hard to work with as it's so unusual and different to regular mascara. I also found the product to irritate my eyes, but I have mentioned in older beauty posts that I have quite sensitive skin, so again that could be me. I love the idea but I don't think it works as well as I thought it would have. How did you find this product? Did you encounter similar problems? 


I haven't digitally manipulated any of these images to make my eyes look better or enhance my lashes.

 With One Coat of Normal Mascara

With Younique's 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

*From instagram using only the Valnecia filter

With Four Coats of Regular Mascara 

*From instagram using only the Valencia