Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My Top 10 Bloggers

the addictive blog awardSo I got nominated for 'The Addictive Blog Award'. Awesome! Firstly I'd like to thank 'A piece of Viola' who nominated me! I've known her since forever but didn't know she had a blog, so that was a lovely surprise! 
For this award, I have to tell you  why I blog (other than the obvious fact that it's the best thing ever) and then nominate ten other blogs that I find addictive. So without hesitation...:)

Why I blog

My blog started off as a diary for my teenager self to write in. As I explained in my first post, it was more of a journal documenting my transition from a teenager to young adult. Emphasizing on that my twitter name was Diary of a Teenager. I would write weekly diary entries of what I had been up to. However, as I find myself turning 20 soon, I decided in the summer I wanted to change my blog name and re-brand myself. Although I am still the girly, flirty and childish girl I will always be, because that's just me, but I wanted this platform to be more of a magazine, where I produce more proffesional style articles such as reviews, recipes and tips. Here was the birth of my current blog. It's the same blog just a little more grown up. Now I blog for me, instead of to let off steam like a diary, it's for pure enjoyment. I love to share my views and as a journalism student I just really like to write and have a chance to share my thoughts with potentially people from all over the world. That's what is so crazy, for me, I think it's amazing the potential reach of a single blog post. People from places you'd never imagine can read my thoughts. I also love the idea that my blog is my temple, I have no religion, no church, no temple, so for me my blog is a place where I can relax and find my thoughts, some serenity in a busy day, as well as be part of a community of other bloggers. 

Ten blogs I’m addicted to

Mr Kate
I LOVE MR KATE! She has the coolest and quirkiest ideas! I find myself reading and watching her stuff all the time. Her and Joe are also too cute. Oh and I love her tattoos.

Free People
I love to check their DIY page when I'm feeling creative. So many boho ideas that look so stylish and remind me of that beachy boho California girl everyone loves!

Blondes Love Cupcakes
Firstly, I think that is the cutest blog name ever! I always find something interesting to read on this blog. The layout is stunning and it's a pleasure to read. The articles are all so simple but inspiring.

Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind
The best cake recipes, like, ever! Seriously. If you're ever having a naughty day, pop down and take a look at their baked goods and I'm sure you'll find something to bake that will satisfy your craving.

Tuula  AND Gary Pepper
I love to look at their beautiful photos. They both have the most amazing fashion sense and I love to look at the pics if I'm having a down day or stuck on what to wear, to inspire me. Tuula is more boho meets glamour whilst Gary Pepper is more smart-vintage. They have beautiful photos of their travels too. 

A Beautiful Mess
I love food. And I love the food she cooks. It always looks so beautiful and tasty. I don't go go on this blog that much but when I do, I can't get off!

I love her health posts! She makes me want to get up an exercise! She always has great fitness videos too.

Hello October
She reminds me of Tanya Burr who I also love to pieces. Her posts are always well informed with plenty of lovely pictures which I spend a fair amount of time looking at instead of reading the actual post... Ooops. Sorry!

Being Little
She has some pretty cool lifestyle post. I actually read the writing on her blog and not just look at the photos!

I'm sorry if you were hoping this was going to be a Halloween post! Which blogs are you addicted to?

Love O

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Fall Primark Haul

I found a few treasures in my local primarni! I bought a few basic shirts, featuring a beautiful gothic-esque floral pattern and an antique style floral pattern. Floral in fall... GROUNDBREAKING! Ugh now I want to watch the devil wears prada. My jumper is also super cute! Anyways, this post isn't very long because the video speaks for itself.. So watch it guys and girls!

Love O

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Zoella Beauty- An Honest Review

As I'm sure by now you all now, blogger Zoella has released a beauty range called Zoella Beauty and I was super lucky to be gifted a couple of things from the range from a friend a couple of weeks ago (Thank You!).  So here are my thoughts and honest opinions of the products!

Zoella Eyes Beauty Bag

What I Think: I love the make-up bag! I think the colour is adorable and for every girly girl out there and I also think it's really cute that she used the photo from her blog on it, which gives it a personal touch. Size wise, it is perfect for carrying your everyday makeup, it's fits a couple of small palettes and the necessities, On the downside, the zip is quite awkwardly placed in the middle so you really have to open the bag widely and tumble around to get what you want out of the bag. But other than that it's great! It's also super handy that it's in that water-proof kind of fabric like Cath Kidston bags, which makes it really easy to clean. Possible a little bit pricey for a make-up bag which doesn't have any compartment or pockets but it's too cute.

Price: £8

Rating: ★ 

Zoella Soak Opera - Bath Soak/Shower Cream 490ml

What I Think: True to Zoe, she has kept her collection super personal and made her products with little hints of orange on the packaging which as you all now is her favourite colour. I thought that was adorable. The actual product is a shimmering pink and quite thick and gloopy- it kinda reminds of the unicorn blood from Harry Potter. I'm not too keen on the product as although it smelt divine, I found it a little bit sticky and I wasn't too keen on the ingredients used. That being said it is super affordable and a reasonable size. I would just prefer to pay a little more for a more luxury brand when applying a shower cream as you use it on sensitive parts of your body that need a bit of TLC.

Price: £5


Zoella Blissful Mistful 45ml

 What I Think: I adore the name Blissful Mistful, it's just so cute! The scent is also lovely, if you were a fan of the Britney Spears Fantasy perfume, then this one's for you! It's super sweet and girly with a slight musky note. The packaging is lovely and looks like a dainty version of a luxury brand perfume, you can see there was a Topshop influence with the polka-dots and scrawled hand writing, but I really like that. In scent and concept it is quite similar to the Hollister Body Mist, I prefer the scents to the Hollister one's just because they have more sweet scents available but if you like a less sickly sweet smell, this one's for you. It's also a little pricey for how small it is, in comparison to the well established Hollister one's, as you only get 45ml of product in Zoella's Blissful Mistful, but the packaging is so much nicer and looks so much prettier in your room as it is glass and metal instead of plastic, (It's taking pride of place next to my Miss Dior, in my little perfume collection, see below) so I'm assuming that's where the money is going. It's a shame that like all body mists, the smell doesn't last long, but all in all, the smell is amazing and it's so cute and pretty that I don't mind it doesn't last long as I can carry it in my bag to top it up and it's pretty cheap to replace when I run out.

Price: £8


What did you think of the range? Comment down below! Don't forget to follow my blog for weekly posts! 
Love O

Thursday, 9 October 2014

VLOG Younique 3D Fiber Lash: Is It Worth The Hype? An Honest Review

Before I write anything about the product, I wanted you to know that I wasn't paid to review this product and these opinions given are my own. If you disagree with my views then that is fine and if you agree with me then that is fine too. I  just wanted to make this as honest of a review as possible to give you a fair opinion and to help you make up your own mind of the product. I have also included photos so that as well as my review, you can see the results for yourself and decide whether or not you like it.

The Facts:

Cost: £23 for the mascara or £69 for the kit.

Where you can buy it:Younique are recruiting UK presenters to join their team! If you're interested in making an income from selling Younique products like the 3D Fiber Lashes, click here to register or buy any of the Younique products.

How it works: Unlike a regular mascara, Younique 3D Fiber Lash comes with two mascaras: A fiber one and a transplanting gel. I don't know the science behind it but basically, the natural fibers work by sticking to the transplanting gel, making your lashes appear thicker and fuller.

My Opinion:

My Vlog including a Demo and Review 

Final thoughts: As you can see from the photos below, my lashes are naturally quite long, so they look alright even with one coat of mascara. I'm not sure if this made it harder to tell if the product is working on me. As promised I also compared the 3D Lash Mascara to 4 coats of regular mascara, and I found very similar, if not slight better, results. Again, I'm not sure if that's just my lashes. I followed the instructions exactly but found the natural fibers wand quite hard to work with as it's so unusual and different to regular mascara. I also found the product to irritate my eyes, but I have mentioned in older beauty posts that I have quite sensitive skin, so again that could be me. I love the idea but I don't think it works as well as I thought it would have. How did you find this product? Did you encounter similar problems? 


I haven't digitally manipulated any of these images to make my eyes look better or enhance my lashes.

 With One Coat of Normal Mascara

With Younique's 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

*From instagram using only the Valnecia filter

With Four Coats of Regular Mascara 

*From instagram using only the Valencia

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

VLOG Review and Photos of Schwarzkopf Ultra Brights 92 Pillar Box Red LIVE Color XXL

This is both my Vlog and Blog post on my red hair dye review by Schwarzkopf. CLICK BELOW to watch my review and then carry on reading for extra information and before/after photos. Enjoy!

 I bought this dye for a fun and quick solution to dying my hair only for a few weeks for fall/Halloween. Inside the box was the hair dye, instructions, conditioner and gloves.

I stated on my video that it lasts 14 washes but I re-read the box and it actually says 8, but if you have bleached your hair it will last longer. Also, this is only 'level 1' the have levels 2 and 3 which last longer, 3 being a permanent dye but I think this time spam was perfect as it doesn't last so long that I'll get sick of it

The instruction are super easy to understand and to follow. It suggests leaving the dye in for 20-30 minutes. I left mine in for 30 so that it would be more vibrant and because my hair is quite a dark brown so I wanted to make sure it would pick up the red.

I'm really impressed with this product overall and would definitely recommend it. The only thing I would have done differently if I dye my hair again using this product is I'd buy two boxes to cover my hair better.

It was so easy to use and only set my back around £6 but I know you can find it for less.

Here are some shots I took of me with my new hair colour, don't be disappointed if you don't think it looks very red because I can assure you it looks so much brighter and much more vibrant in person, especially in the sun, it's just a very hard colour to pick up in photographs.

Love O
My hair straight away after being dyed and styled

My hair in the sun


Another before shot