Thursday, 12 November 2015

What Your Girlfriend Wants For Christmas

... Or what I really want for Christmas? I have compiled a list for you clueless boyfriends out there, the kind of presents that we females love to receive! I have also conveniently ranked them on order of price, starting from low budget and ending on your more expensive presents. Depending on the stage in your relationship you may want to spend less or splash out. Either way, I love them all and think any girl would be thrilled to receive these.

More Chocolate Than Augustus Gloop Could Eat

Mmmmmmm. I'm a sucker for chocolate. Don't get a bar of chocolate, a tin of Quality Street or a box of Celebration or you will look really tight! Go for something a little more classy, a box of Thornton's or Marc De Champagne truffles are much more romantic, don't cost much more and are far better quality. It just looks like you put in much more effort than if you give her a giant box of Smarties you probably got from your local Tesco Metro.