Monday, 29 April 2013

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Friday, 26 April 2013

Been a long time but I'm back in town.

It's been a while since I've written a proper post, I know! I have been so busy lately; My exams start in a week and a half and although I should be revising I really can't bring myself to do it... I'm not sure why teachers think that it's possible for a student to do both the ton of homework set and revision without dropping down dead. My choices are simple: have a life and live for the now or revise every night (because by the time I've managed to finish all my homework due in the next day it's at least 10pm!) and be tired every day. In addition to exams, I'm also super stressed out with my 'ucas' university application stuff and student finance. I've never in my life encountered such a complicated website! 'Which uni to choose' is all that has been running through my brain this past week and now that I have finally chosen I feel so much more relaxed... I didn't go for the higher ranked university because it's in central London so my debt would have been huge but I'm sure I will still love the university I have chosen as it has an amazing campus, societies and is close to home.

Another reason why I've been super busy? I have a new boyfriend! When I say new we started dating a couple of months ago... But it became official when he collected me at the train station with a bouquet of flowers and an Easter egg to take me home from my trip to Paris and then took me to dinner. I wouldn't call him Mr Darcy... but I guess he's pretty damn close!

For the next few weeks I shan't be blogging as much as I used to but from June the 14th (my last exam) I will  do lots of extra blogging and go a bit mad to make up for the blogging lost!!

Hugs and kisses
Love O

Friday, 19 April 2013

BEAUTY: Superdrug Haul

So for those of you not from the UK, Superdrug is this amazing store where you can find pretty much anything from makeup and hair-dye to medicine and over the counter drugs. Lately I've been buying a lot more make-up just not because I've been wearing more but just because I feel that every year you should try and get rid of all your make-up still left over and buy all new make-up just to update your look and also to make sure you're not applying lipstick ridden with bacteria onto your lips!!

I am a sucker for lipstick so when I was clearing out my make-up the first thing I made sure to get was a new lipstick (or two). As I previously mentioned I am in love with Sleek so I bought one of their lipsticks along side an MUA (superdrug own brand) lipstick simply because it's cheap and cheerful!

I bought a very girly pink lipstick from MUA in shade 3 which I love. The colour is vibrant and flirty and feels smooth on the lips. I've been applying this colour lightly instead of a gloss for an everyday natural look but it does look nice applied generously too! The only problem I've encountered with this lipstick is that it doesn't last for very long. This problem can of course be solved by topping up during the course of the day but if you're busy I wouldn't recommend using this lipstick. I cant really complain though seeing as it only cost £1!!

The second lipstick I bought is in a deep purple (smoulder) and is perfect for a gothic, 'vamp' look! I thought this lipstick was excellent for a lipstain. I put a little on my fingers and then dabbed it onto my lips so that the colour isn't too garish or 'in-your-face'. This lipstick is good as a lipstain for the day or even for a night out when used boldly. I would use light eye-makeup to contrast with the heavy lip colour. As well as the colour I also love that the product is oil based so it feels lovely on the lips and thus keeps them from drying out or cracking during the day. The lipstick was also great for staying put; I could eat and drink without the lipstick smudging or going... Even kissing is possible! Think that's good? Wait until you hear the price; This lipstick costs a mere £5 which, for such a great product I think is a great run-for-your-money! I would most definitely recommend any woman to buy a sleek lipstick as it has become a staple item in my makeup bag and never leaves my handbag!

Love O

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