Saturday, 30 March 2013


Bonjour! I touched down on French land at around 2 O'clock this afternoon after a grueling Eurostar journey sitting next to a toddler (don't be fooled by his cute blonde hair and blue eyes) who spent the entire journey pulling any girls on site hair, crying and finally throwing a tantrum which knocked my can of sprite all over my dress!! Luckily I wore a navy dress so there was no visible mark... But I had to sit on the train for an hour in wet clothing. I was not in the slightest bit happy. I only had around 6 hours sleep that evening so my trip was slightly perked by a super greasy cheese burger I had on the train for lunch.

The first place I went to after getting off the train was le Sacré-Cœur in Paris which is the most exquisite church I have ever visited! It was of course inundated with people especially what with it being easter but I still managed to squeeze myself through the tourists to get an aerial view of Paris. On our way up the large hill through back roads to the church we passed gates with locks on them. My uncle explained that couples put their names on locks and put them onto the gate as a symbol of the strength of their love!

Not long after visiting le sacre-coeur, I went into the most amazing shop renowned for it's chocolate in which a chocolate eiffle tower and ship were displayed! They looked immense!! Oh how I would have loved to eat it there and then. On my way back to the house I visited the bar from a film I love to bits called 'Amelie' whiwh looks exactly like how it does in the film and a little boutique where I bought a little silk dress in torqoise. Much to my pleasure I realized the sizes in France are very different to in England, I usually wear a size 6 or 8 depending on the shop... Here I'm a size 0- yes, ZERO!!! I love you France!!

By day 2 my ears are now attuned to the beautiful indigenous language and I can have a rich conversation sans penser! It's Sunday so first we went to the market to buy some fresh fruits and fish for lunch. I hate figs but my mum adores them so I bought her a fig jam that she can have for breakfast as it was made with fresh, organic ingredients.

I then went with my uncle and auntie to do a bit of tourism where I visited a beautiful castle and then went to a village famous for a handful of artists who lived there. It's for this reason that there are many artistic shops and art galleries here. Never in my life have I seen so much art on one street! I bought a very cute shirt in this village which is so me because I am a cat-lover and this shirt is in black with a print of many different cat faces! 

The next few days past faster than a formula 1 racing car... All I did was shop and eat from the variety of new plates that were being served to me introducing me to a new world of French cuisine. The lingerie in France is almost as amazing as it's food so I stacked up on a large supply in hope that I don't have to buy any new underwear from London this year... I look at the array of dishes presented on the dining table and tuck in. I start with the olives and finish with cake... Having tasters of every flavour on offer. Oh how I love to eat!

 My week was ended perfectly with a visit to Disneyland Paris! I regressed into a child-like mentality and attitude as  I met up with my childhood heroes and lived in the dream world of Disney for the day. Due to it being it's 20th anniversary the parades where extra special! I was just disappointed at myself for forgetting to bring my minnie mouse ears... Apart from that the day passed amazingly as I enjoyed the thrill of the rides and with fast passes I didn't even have to wait in a long queue! My favourite ride would have to be either 'space mountain' or 'rock n roller coaster' they were both in the dark with bright lights of different colours emerging from around me as I span on the fast ride...

Although it was sad to leave I was happy to be heading home to familiar faces.

Love O

Thursday, 28 March 2013

FASHION: Let the Flowers Flourish

Monday, 25 March 2013

FASHION: How To Wear Jeans

This is a great summer look and can be so versatile! You can go for the clean-cut mini and  pair of elegant, strappy heels for a more sophisticated  but 'party-girl' take on the look, black knee-high boots and a plain shirt with a blazer for the chic minimalist look or a pair of brown, slightly battered boots with a worn and torn denim skirt and a biker leather jacket for the ultimate 'on the road' look.

Lindsay Lohan boyfriend jeans
No-one wears boyfriend jeans better than Lindsey Lohan! The key item to this look is a pair of really cute heels that will make any baggy pair of boyfriend jeans look super girly! Rolling up the hem of your boyfriend jeans lets you flash your slim ankles to make you look slimmer so that the jeans don't drown your figure! This outfit is easy to dress up with lots of accessories and any shirt that tickles your fancy!
Bell bottoms are back in full swing! AnnaLynne McCord aims to elongate her figure with lengthy pants and sky high heels.

Annalynne McCord shows exactly how jeans should be worn to work! Boot-leg jeans are so smart when teamed with a collared shirt and simple accessories. Reminiscing over the 60's one could even go with boot-leg jeans for a super sexy every day look! These jeans elongate legs so much that even a sausage dog could wear jeans and look like a grey hound... Dry hair upside-down and straighten tips then backcomb roots for a sexy volumized hair along side smokey eyeshadow for a casual day take on a classic 60's party look.

I absoloutly love, love, love ripped jeans! They give anything a summer-boho look. I love to wear my ripped jeans with brown studded leather booties and a loose t-shirt with tribal pendants.

Kristen Stewart is famous for her love of jeans, unless on the red carpet she will always be found wearing a pair. Kristen's typical look is a casual t-shirt with converses. Add a pair of Ray-Bans' and a band t-shirt (I'm looking for a 'The Doors shirt') with a leather jacket and you're ready to rock and roll!!!

Love O

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** This image was taken from

Thursday, 21 March 2013

My Favourite Things ♥

Here's a list of my favourite things in life which are my micro-pleasure- Little things that make me happy! 

There's a a southern-american themed shop in Teddington highstreet called 'La Casa Del Habano' that sells a variety of things, mainly tobacco to chocolate but what I love most about this shop is their amazing giant lollipops! They come at quite a bargain at 50p each in the most exquisite flavours! I explore a new flavour every week and have so far devoured toffee apple, pink lemonade, butterscotch sundae and bubblegum. Delicious. Next time I have my eye on blueberries and cream!

Check them out at:
Or visit them at: Hava Havana 76 High Street  Teddington  TW11 8JD  United Kingdom

Old books
There's something quite special about going to a library and picking up an old book. Of course I love to read new books too but older books are just extra special. I love: The smell of old books that gyrates with each turn of a page, the heaviness of the book as most old books are hardbacks makes them feel ore expensive and they're simply aesthetically pleasing from the fading artwork on the book cover to the slightly yellowing pages. From a very young age I would hide under my covers and read hours past my bed time similarly to the boy in 'The NeverEnding Story''- feeling nostalgic I wish I still had time to do this...

Riding my vintage bike
There are not many better ways to spend a summers day than riding on my 'old ladies' bicycle through green pastures surrounded by lily of the valley and bluebells with a peaceful river passing by. My bike has a basket in which I love to carry a little picnic and a book so that I can submerge myself into the pleasures of being with the tranquility of nature whilst reading and grazing under the oak tree. 

Spending the day in bed watching movies back-to-back
Being a media studies student I love new technology especially films! My favourite directors are Tim Burton and Del Toro for their use of  quirky and gothic mise-en-scene which converts cinematography into a dramatic art form! On a rainy day I could spend hours by the fireplace, wrapped up in a quilt and watching tons of movies. My favourite films include:

Beauty ^^
  • Pan's Labyrinth
  • Anastasia
  • Billy Elliot
  • Black Swan
  • Harry Potter (All!! hehe) 
  • Beautiful Creatures
  • The Incredibles
  • La Cinema Paradiso
  • The Runaways
  • Sherlock Holmes

(As well as anything directed by Burton!)

Receiving a letter
I'm not sure what it is but there is something far more exciting about receiving a letter (or anything for that matter) by post than by email or text. As much as I love technology, I think love should be kept to the classic hand-written letters like in a Jane Austen novel- her era was called romanticism for a reason!

Any type of surprise makes a girl weak in the knees! I love it when someone secretly comes and hugs me from behind just because the affection was purely unexpected. Or when someone leaves little notes in your text book for you to find... I even love surprising myself, like when you go on a trip and find a cute vintage market which then becomes your favourite place to shop ever!

Classical Hollywood Cinema
As a lover of anything vintage this one is a give-away! It was from this era that one of my all time idols Marilyn Monroe was born along side fabulous dresses,volumized curls and cat eye glasses; All of which oozed glamour. How much I wish I could jump into a time machine and go back to the 1950's! Other famous actresses from this era include: Elizabeth TaylorJudy Garland, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

Love O

Monday, 18 March 2013

A Place I Love

I hate aeroplanes. I’m not scared of heights but of being off the ground, I am. The tension, excitement and anxiety takes over the stuffy and enclosed aeroplane. Sweat drips off people’s red, sticky, faces. If you look out of the window (which, may I add, is full of fingerprints) you can see grassy plains that look rather like a patchwork quilt. Good-bye England, I think to myself as we go higher and higher into the air. A bed-spread of clouds start to appear; they’re fluffy and light.

After a very long journey I can see land again. Although it is now late the sun is still beaming. I know we are getting ready for landing because the seatbelt sign has appeared and my ears are bursting, popping and feel as if they are about to blow up. It is like Diwali in my ears as fireworks explode causing excruciating pain to my little ear drums.

When we land the confusion, excitement and the hustle and bustle of other passengers bounces of the walls! My mum helps me get my leather, vintage suitcase out of the luggage cabinet. It is so heavy I tremble; why did I bring so much? I end up thinking this every year once I get here.

Everyone shoves, pushes and elbows to get off the plane. Big, bulky men bump their way out of cramped, congested, crowds. We walk towards the arrival point, the more we walk the further away it looks, as if the door is running away from us. We walk through the enormous door along with the crowd. In front of us are persons waiting for their families and friends. My eyes are drawn to an old couple. It is my aunt and uncle waving at us. We rush towards them barging our way through clans of people. My aunt has a loud, bubbly and girly personality. She gives me a welcoming smile exhibiting her crooked, cigarette stained teeth. I can’t help noticing that her teeth resemble an old piano, where the keys have been chipped and yellow-stained from many years of being played… Her hair is like sawdust in colour but more like hay in texture. My uncle looks at me and says hello. He is pale, bald and over weight. He looks like a giant, hard-boiled egg and stands out like a sore thumb! We get in a black, posh and very serious looking car and set off on our journey.

Suddenly, the car comes to an abrupt halt. I look out the window and note that the setting has changed. We are in the drive way of my grandparents’ house. A white picket fence encloses us and luscious green pastures hide beneath my feet, concealing any unwanted bugs. My auntie looks picture perfect in the setting whilst my overweight uncle disturbs the scene.

Slowly, I pivot and glance at my grandma’s house. It never changes. It used to be a barn, once upon a time, but they got it converted to a house, so I was told. I walk through the doorway. An aroma of pasta sauce fills the room and rushes up my nostrils; our dinner is ready and waiting for us on the table. My tummy rumbles in response. We tuck into our delicious, mouth-watering and filling meal.

My grandma is very short and grossly obese. She has smooth, porcelain skin and has hair the colour of milk. She waddles cutely like a duck around the house making sure everything is in check. She is very finicky...  My granddad is very short for a man but you wouldn’t dare say it to his face. His temper is just as short as his height. His temper can turn faster than Usain Bolt can run!

In the morning we rush through our continental breakfast and then set off to our auntie’s house. In the late morning, when it’s not too hot, we lie on the yellow towels outside in our bikinis, taking in all the rays of light we can. Like plants photosynthesising in the sun. The sun feels so good on my skin, so warm, it makes my skin tingle like as if it’s massaging itself.

Two hours later I wake up to realise I have fallen asleep. Momentarily blinded I allow my eyes to adjust to the bright sunlight as I look down to see that my legs are moderately darker than they were before; I can see my tan line against my creamy milk skin where the straps of bikini bottoms sat.

We spend the rest of the day on the lovely, sunny, enchanting beach. I adore the beach. Not a cloud in the sky, the ink blue sea looks like horses galloping. Children playing, making sand castles and jumping over wonderful waves. Everyone licks luxuriously exotic flavoured ice-cream. Everyone is so happy and tranquil. I love this beach unconditionally. Why can’t England be more like this? When I go to Italy almost every day passes like this. We shop, sun bathe, eat and sleep, gaining micro-pleasures from life. Feeding our sense of fulfilment and happiness to take back home with us.

Love O

Friday, 15 March 2013

FASHION: Wet Weather Outfit

Today was a very casual day where I just did a few errand and went to the gym so I wore a very casual outfit. Although it's spring, here in Britain the weather seems to have bipolar and hence it's been terribly cold, rainy, and windy all day so I went with an autumn style outfit today to keep me toasty warm!

What I love about this look is that it's so comfortable and casual yet classy and fashionable. You could get away with wearing something like this pretty much anywhere from work to doing your shopping! I used layering simple staple items with accessories of different textures to add dynamics and interest to my look.

I went with a bit of an animal theme... I mean, who doesn't love animals, right?! I wore my much-loved fox hat, which also looks a bit like a raccoon )River Island) , a furry scarf which is made of a series of fur balls-and looks a bit like a grey squirrel's tale-and a very cute cat ring (Topshop). I also love the clash of textures between the smooth fur scarf against the old and slightly matted woolly hat as it creates personality and a bit of quirkiness.

I topped my look off with a brown vintage satchel and my mod leather jacket to increase the contrast- I like to go for a granny meets rock chic look. I also layered with a light brown waterfall cardigan underneath for warmth. I love the cut of this cardi as it hangs just slightly below my jacket and goes with everything I wear. I also love the waterfall feature as it modernizes any simple outfit taking it from boring to chic in seconds!

When I took my scarf off you could see my tribal statement necklace (Topshop). I just added this on for extra unnecessary glamour... At least my necklace made one thing about today bright! My cat ring (Topshop, below) which I wear all the time because I love cats; I am the crazy lady with the cats.

Lots of Love
O x

Monday, 11 March 2013

Question Time

  • What’s your favourite eye shadow colour to wear? I love to wear a smokey grey colour that I can blend into my winged eyeliner!
  • What’s the one product you wouldn’t leave your house without? Hand sanitizer by any brand... can't be dealing with bacteria on public transport...
  • What’s your favourite makeup look ? Definitely the smokey eye or a spring dewy look with pink cheeks and pink lips
  • Which feature do you play up the most? "The eyes are the nipples of the face" is a motto I live religiously by!
  • Which feature do you try to downplay/cover up? My belly! Otherwise I just try and follow the standard rule of covering either leg or chest.
  • Your favourite makeup brand, if you could pick only ONE to exist? aghhhhh!! This is hard! I use sleek for liquid eyeliner and lipsticks because they have amazing colours and hold but I love rimmel foundation... Would have to go with sleek me-thinks!
  • Which product have you re-purchased OVER and OVER again? Sleek vixen lipstick. It's a lovely bold red that stays put for hours! I love to create a stained lips look with this colour.
  • Which product would you NEVER repurchase again and why? OPI nail varnish. This product is amazing if you are having it used on you in a salon when you have a manicure but is terrible for a DIY manicure at home! The reason why? It take forever to dry and even after an hour it will still smudge! I also found it extremely hard to remove. The brush is amazing for application but still not worth the hefty price!
  • One beauty treatment you would always PAY to have done? Laser hair removal...
  • One beauty treatment you would NEVER pay to have done? Eyebrow threading.. My eyebrows are naturally rather neat and only need a little bit of plucking every once in a while so getting this treatment would just be a waste of money..
  • One beauty trick you can share with everyone? How annoying is it when you've finished your mascara, lipgloss or concealer because even though there is still product left it's in a weird tube container so the applicator won't reach the bottom or sides!?!?! AGHH! Well, get yourself a kettle a boil some water. Now pour this water into a glass and put the products firmly closed into the glass... this will melt the product slightly so it will unstick from the sides and you can now use it!
  • Best advice you've ever been given regarding beauty and makeup? After washing your hair always rinse it out with cold water. This will make it sleek and shiny! 

Love O

Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Goddess Experience

OneI have officially found the perfect book and the guide to life! Just looking at this book is a delight with it's vintage and ornate, wallpaper-like cover in bright pink and black. It's called 'The Goddess Experience' and it's everything you need to know filled with cute and quirky images. Written- and drawn- by gisele scanlon every page is like a collage filled turning to see intricate doodles, photos and sketches. This book is perfect for you vintage girls like me who love mugs, sewing and a good old slice of cake! Not only are the pages beautifully laid out with different, quirky fonts on each page but the style of writing is also beautifully informal like as if you are chatting with a friend over a cuppa. Thus, as you keep reading the book becomes more like a best friend with tips and trick along side recipes and how to's, to teach you everything!
The best thing about the book? I bought it for £1 (Yes 1 F****** POUND) in a charity shop!!! What a bargain! I could not imagine my life without this little bit of heaven in my bag; I read t for any advice needed from best moisturizers to the best places to visit in Paris!

Love O

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

COOK: How to make pizzaiola

Did you spend your mornings watching the comedy show 'Everybody Loves Raymond'? Well his favourite dish which his mum rather famously cooks (and his wife rather famously tries to steal the recipe) is the Italian dish pizzaiola. This is basically a meat dish with any red meat of your choice (usually lamb, pork or beef) cooked in the tomato sauce used for pizza. As a student I love this dish for its cheap and simple ingredients, ease to make and amazing taste! It's also an extremely healthy dish as it offers both proteins and vegetable (which contain many beneficial vitamins and fibres) and you could add it to any carbohydrate of which you wish. I eat this dish as a slimming, diet meal without any carbohydrates as even just the meat and sauce is extremely filling not-to-mention delicious!!

Serves: 2
Time to make: 15 minutes

2 pork steaks (other red meat such as beef is also fine)
Half a tine of tomato sauce
Diced 1/4 onion,  1/4 pepper and 1/3 garlic
Vegetable stock
Pinch of salt and pepper
A teaspoon of oregano
5 basil leaves
Olive oil
TOP TIP: add a handful of grated carrot to make your sauce extra sweet and tasty!!

First cook a coin sized amount of olive oil in your pan with the garlic for around a minute.
Then add all the other vegetables and stir for around 2 minutes, then add the tomato sauce.
Cook this for around 7 minutes adding some salt and vegetable stock. (Taste with clean spoon to see how much is needed first). Then add the steaks leaving them to soak in the sauce and cook and after 3 minutes turn them over and add the oregano and basil. Leave it to cook for another 4 minutes.
Serve straight away with anything else you wish to add as a side dish.
Obviously if you are serving more people add more ingredients.

Here is a step-to-step picture of how to cook the meat.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

FASHION: Romantic gypsy

Romantic gypsy

Biba pattern dress
$45 -

ALDO platform shoes

RED Valentino zip bag

Hair bow accessory

$38 -