Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Goddess Experience

OneI have officially found the perfect book and the guide to life! Just looking at this book is a delight with it's vintage and ornate, wallpaper-like cover in bright pink and black. It's called 'The Goddess Experience' and it's everything you need to know filled with cute and quirky images. Written- and drawn- by gisele scanlon every page is like a collage filled turning to see intricate doodles, photos and sketches. This book is perfect for you vintage girls like me who love mugs, sewing and a good old slice of cake! Not only are the pages beautifully laid out with different, quirky fonts on each page but the style of writing is also beautifully informal like as if you are chatting with a friend over a cuppa. Thus, as you keep reading the book becomes more like a best friend with tips and trick along side recipes and how to's, to teach you everything!
The best thing about the book? I bought it for £1 (Yes 1 F****** POUND) in a charity shop!!! What a bargain! I could not imagine my life without this little bit of heaven in my bag; I read t for any advice needed from best moisturizers to the best places to visit in Paris!

Love O

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