Saturday, 28 July 2012

FASHION: Sneak Peak into my handbag!

With the sun soaring it's impossible to wear a jacket with pockets to carry everything; The bag I carry most is my Louis Vuitton as its' simple design goes with everything I wear and teams nicely with any shoe!

The top 5 items in my handbag at the moment are:


'Batiste Dry Shampoo' this will leave you hair clean, grease-free (hair is prone to getting greasier with heat) and smelling lush. I chose the tropical smell as it gets you straight in the mood for summer.


A waterproof mascara is a must-have when it's hot. No-one likes mascara smudges!

A book to keep you entertained when it's too hot to walk around. Find yourself a calm shaded area and dive into a book. I am currently reading the controversial '50 shades of grey'.


Cat eye sunglasses! Protect your eyes from damaging sun rays and be stylish at the same time with this style of sunglasses you can't go wrong!


A fresh smelling perfume that will keep you feeling sexy and beautiful during the day. I love Valentina by Valentino as it has a floral smell which makes it seem elegant and feminine. Also, it's not over powering so I like to put a lot of deodorant on with this on top and I still won't smell like a brothel!

Love O

Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Awakening

I have always wondered why people 'turn a new leaf' at new years. Why would the beginning of a new year symbolize a change of ones way of life? Surely if you have a habit you don't like you wouldn't wait till new years to change that but do it straight away? As it is the first time in two years that I have been single I have taken up this opportunity to reinvent myself by getting my hair trimmed, getting a new perfume and going shopping. Out with the old and in with the new!

I have been single for a month now but it's gone ever so quick! Ever since the break up I have been seeing friends all the time so the time has been flying by. In addition to this I have been doing more modelling work; I did a photo-shoot for 'Kream' on Monday and the photos might be put on ASOS so that's very exciting. I also went for a hollister interview for a job as a model so fingers crossed I get the job! I also went for an interview with for a journalists' summer school which I should be receiving an email about soon however, the summer school starts when I go abroad... Go on holiday or study? On the one side, the summer school would have high educational value but on the other hand going on holiday means I can relax and wind down for the upcoming stress of A2 level!

I have been doing a challenge for this week. Guys like girls with confidence and mine comes (like most women) mainly from my looks so I decided that needed to be changed so for everyday I have been wearing no make up to try and find other sources of confidence. But four days in this morning I decided that I missed my morning ritual of washing my face, exfoliating, cleansing and then doing my makeup so I gave up on the challenge. Although I am slightly disappointed that I couldn't keep it up I realised that when I wasn't wearing makeup I wasn't suddenly 'unconfident' in myself I just felt that I didn't look as well presented as I could.  As I realised my confidence wasn't look based, does that prove the challenge was a success?

I'm sure your wondering if I've found a new man? Well, I've seen a couple of guys throughout the month and although there is an element of thrill with being with someone new- an adrenaline rush by the excitement of getting to know someone new- I do miss having someone around who knows what I like and who I am. I had an encounter with a guy E. but he's not for me- although attractive and definitely in to me, he just didn't make me laugh and there was always a sense of awkwardness. The other guy K. is beautiful, charismatic and funny. We kissed but he's a close friend of mine and there are complications. So, neither he is the guy for me and I know we'd both rather stay friends.

I have used letters to represent the men to keep their identity private.

Love O

Monday, 9 July 2012


As a runner I know the importance of training and I also know the satisfaction of winning a sport you have been dedicated to; the adrenaline rush from knowing that you are the best and no one else can beat you. I am against performance enhancing drugs and yet saying this, I know that all athletes including myself eat ‘naturally enhancing performance drugs’ that we are recommended by coaches. For example, I make sure to eat a lot of starch and carbohydrates before a marathon; is this performance enhancement as it will increase the amount of energy I have during a race?

In addition, there is a fine line between products that slightly improve the athletes’ performance on the day of the event and drugs which alter the functioning of the athletes’ body. By taking performance enhancing drugs the athlete is increasing his or her chance of winning a game through unnatural means giving him or her an unfair advantage to other participants. The Olympics, is an event that brings together the best athletes, to show the outstanding achievement of an individual who has an unsurpassed talent. However, the Olympics is not an event created to showcase which athlete can take the best performance enhancement drug.

Finally, I know that athletes are a source of inspiration for many young people as they demonstrate that dedication and hard work results in success. It would be a disappointment, to find that the person you have lived your life in inspiration of, didn’t succeed because they persevered but because they simply used better drugs than the other athletes. Using performance enhancement drugs would only exhibit to younger generations that as humans we aren’t good enough to naturally accomplish our dreams and would give them a distorted view that in order to succeed, we need to lie and that behind every success there was a cheat.

Love O

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

La Fin.

Every beginning has an end. It started with a Yes and ended with a No. At first I was unsure whether it would be appropriate to post such intimate things onto my blog. However, I remembered that I promised this wouldn't only be a blog, but a diary where not only I post my opinions on subjects, but where I reveal the details of my private life.

My 16 month relationship with Billy has terminated and much to my confusion it ended abruptly. It has taken me a while to write this as I was initially in denial; the evening he broke up with me I thought everything was perfect, as I lay in his arms but suddenly the walls to our little world came crashing down around me in just a phone-call. How hard it is to create perfection and yet how easy it is to crumble it.  However, I have now come to terms with the break up through recent events. Now, that I am over the initial shock and have come to learn a few things about our relationship, that I previously didn't know I can see clearly. (haha whenever I use that line it reminds me of the song 'I can see clearly now')

Although, the initial pain of losing someone I love, who was not only a boyfriend but also a best friend was extremely hard to deal with, I coped. By channeling my negative energy into all my work I was left calm and my reason for anger was soon forgotten. I am now happy, and I feel free as by seeing the same man every day I was trapping myself and disallowing myself to do other things that were equally important such as making time for my other friends.

Someone once told me that 'a tiger never changes his stripes' and although at first I dismissed this as I was an optimist-and naively thought love would conquer all- I wish I was wise and took this advice and interpreted it to my situation because in all honesty, if there is something about a person you wish to change, then is it really love? Or just idyllic? At first, I believed that if you love someone then you look past the bad parts of their character and only look at the good. On the other hand, maybe if you love someone, then in your eyes they have no bad but only good.

Finally, I have also learnt that, in relationships there are no rules: you make them.

Love O