Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Urban Decay: Naked

I feel like I am literally, the last person in the beauty world to buy it. But finally, the Urban Decay Naked Palette is mine!! I am literally obsessed with my new beauty purchase; I have wanted to buy it for around a year or two, but have always had negative thoughts like "is it really worth that much?" Yes. Yes it bloody well is! I am so glad that I finally caved in and bought it and in the week I've had it, I've been using it nearly everyday! It's just perfect for any look: Natural, girly, classy and sexy! It has such a variety of basic shades, that you can create any look. I have been super sad and Youtubing tutorials with it... If you want, comment down below and I'll post my favourite make up looks using it.

The Shades:

Half Baked
(In order from left to right)

I'm sorry this photo really doesn't do these shadows justice! Also, I didn't edit the photos where you can see the shadow, so you can see the exact colour (or as close to as possible) of each shade. It was hard to focus on all the shades in this shot at this distance, so I took close ups of the colours in sets of fours.

My favourite shades: 

♥ Sin
♥ Sidecar
♥ Smog
♥ Toasted
♥ Gunmetal


♥ Buck is a great shade for your eyebrows, if like me, they only need lightly filling in.

Halfbaked is stunning, however, it doesn't pick up as amazingly (for me) on your eyelids as it does when you swab it on your fingers. I suggest a primer, if you want the gold to really show. Otherwise, it lovely when blended with other shades.

Virgin is an excellent highlighter. Use it the inner corners, brow bone and the center of your eyelid, for beautiful eyes that pop!

The other Nakeds

Although, for a minute I did toy with the idea of getting the second palette, I just adored every shade in the first one so much more. (not that I'm saying the second one isn't also fabulous, it is.) The third one on the other hand, is much more pink based- which is great if you have brown eyes, as the colours compliment each other perfectly, but for my blue-eyed-self, I wasn't too keen. The packaging however, on the second and third palette feels so much sturdier than the first one- so if you will be travelling with your palette (which I won't be) then bare that in mind. Naked 1 is a little flimsy and feels like a carpet more than a case, yet at the same time I love that because it makes it feels a little more luxurious than a normal plastic or metal case. But as I said, mine will be sitting at home so it won't need as hard a case as a make-up artist's would for example. 

Have you got the palette? Which is your favourite shade? And if you haven't yet got it... Go go go!!! 

Love O


  1. No, I don't have the Urban Decay Naked palette yet. I had been admiring Urban Decay's "Electric" palette and dreamt about
    The Mother Load" palette (huge and expensive). I see what you mean about the colours appearing different in the photos with 12 shades in them versus the close-ups with four shades at a time. I like the combination of the Urban Decay Creep and Gunmetal coloured eyeshadows.

  2. This palette looks and sounds amazing. I really need to get one of the Naked palettes soon! x

    Telina | Love, Telina

  3. I don't have this I like the idea of it but I never explore much with colours or shades I find a look I like and stick to it (I'm useless and lack patience in trying new looks) so I kind of stick to what I know although I would like one just in case x

    1. I think once you get it, you'd experiment more

  4. I have the Naked 3 palette which I love, but I am also thinking of getting this one, the colours seem so versatile :)