Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My Summer 2013 Wishlist

1) An at home laser hair removal machine.

2) Hair Dye. I want to darken my roots and base but add some hunny highlights.

3) A tan. Because who likes walking on the beach looking somewhat like the girl version of casper the ghost?

4) Make a fort. I've never made one and apparently it's a must.

5) Have a campfire. Who doesn't like toasted marshmallows on an open fire accompanied by a rather bad rendition of The kings of Leon 'Sex on Fire'?

6) Sew. Now that I'll have the time I want to make lots of summer floral dresses and accessories.

7) Tie Dye. I've bought blue dye so now I just need to buy lots of white shirts to tie dye and dip dye!

8) Skinny dip. Is this legal?

9) Go on a road trip.

10) Go to Brighton. Of course I've been there in the day but apparently the night life is amazing so I would love to check that out!!


  1. Wish you can get them all.


    1. Thank you dear! Will check your blog out! :-)

  2. Great list! A tan.. Whats that? Really need it ;) I am playing with the thought of dip dying.. Do you have a guide to it? Visit my blog if you like :) Just startede following you :)

    1. Thanks! A sun tan? :) I don't have a guide yet, but as soon as I do it I will be making a guide with pictures of my final products! I'll also be uploading other similar DIY posts so stay tuned in during the summer! Would love to check your blog out! :)