Saturday, 29 September 2012

FASHION: Which Underwear Are You?

Which Underwear Are You?

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Victoria s Secret lace thong panty

If You Answered:

A) You are into the finer things in life but, be careful because you may come across as high maintenance! Girls go green at your grace and glamour! You are the 'Queen-Bee' but people can get annoyed by your bossiness and see you as slightly superficial. 

B) Girls envy your sexiness and confidence. You are the seducer; You know what you want and exactly how to get it. When you go to a party you are the girl on the podium or strutting your stuff on a pole... Be wary of over-flirting though; You don't want to come across as a slut. People can be easy to pass judgement when they think you are being too promiscuous which can result in the loss of a friendship. You look best in black lace. 

C) You are the girly-girl, you love to be pampered and spoiled and your favourite day ends in a bubble bath! You may come across as a bit of a bimbo but that's O.K. because you are also honest, loving and caring. You remind people of Marilyn Monroe but, be careful, don't be naive, gullible or too nice because you could be taken advantage of.

D) Some call you down-to-earth and others call you simple. You enjoy the smaller things in life and take pleasure in simplicity such as a walk in the park. You like classical music and enjoy your own company. Try to integrate more- you don't want to come across as a snooze! You like nice in pastels and small yet fine jewellery as they emphasize your elegance.

E) You are a tomboy and probably enjoy sports more than shopping. You are most likely to mock girls who cry over a broken nail. You are honest and fun to be around but guys sometimes see you as one-of-the-lads! Be true to who you are but a bit of grace and femininity can go far if you are having trouble finding a boyfriend. Aim to wear a dress at least once a week.

F) Quirky, fun and adventurous sums you up! You like to party all night long; you are the heart of the party. Out of your friends you are the load and crazy one that everyone loves to hang out with. Don't get too caught up in having fun though as you risk not being taken seriously and being seen as an attention seeker! 

Love O

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

How to go from flab to fab!

Before you read farther into this article I would like to clarify that, although loosing weight can be beneficial, losing too much weight can be very dangerous and lead to many health problems such as: a lowered immune system, anemia, fertility issues and osteoporosis.

-Eat corn. We don't digest corn so if you snack on corn it will fill your tummy stopping you from being hungry and not get digested so you won't put the weight on!

-Walking instead of driving or taking a bus. An obvious one but it really does help! The only exercise I do is that I walk or cycle everywhere because I have such a hectic timetable at the moment that I can't do any sports. Exercise speeds the metabolism, burns calories, helps circulation and releases endorphin's which make you happy!

-Drink a lot of water. This may bloat your tummy but it will fill you up and clean out your body from toxins.

-Graze on 6 handful sized meals every other hour so all the food is burnt and used for energy and none is stored as fat. This is healthier and you stay filled all days and therefore won't feel the need to snack on 'junk' food.

-Don't fad diet because they are so drastic and almost impossible to maintain so although they will result in rapid weight loss-which is unhealthy and will cause skin to sag- you will end up putting more weight on when you cave in to cravings and gorge on unhealthy food

-Write out your goal and stick it in a place you look at often (eg mirror) to remind you to keep to the diet. Writing out your goal, also makes it clearer in your mind.
Remember to have a goal that is challenging but achievable!

Love O

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Coming Soon

Hey world!
I have many ideas' for my blog coming up soon. Keep reading for some posts on art's and craft's ideas and how to loose weight!
My song of the week? Jessica Rabbit shows us that curvy is definitely sexier than skinny in 'Who killed Roger Rabbit' a childhood favourite film of mine. She also shows us that contrarily to current music artists, a woman doesn't need to be half naked in her music video for it to be good or for people to listen to the song!
Love O

Friday, 14 September 2012

FASHION: Bang Bang

Bang Bang

Paint drip brush

Paint splash brush

Feather brush


thea's splashes



Vantage Point

Queen of Blood..

Paramore Civic Tour

FFFFOUND! | but does it float

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

How to: Get over him.

I know a break-up can be tough. So, for all you girls (and boys) with a broken heart use these simple tips for a quicker recovery!
Listening to music can ease the mind from troubling thoughts about the past.
Good break-up songs are:

Gotye- Somebody that I used to know

Christina Aguilera- Fighter

Christina Perri- Jar of hearts

Beyonce- Single ladies, Best Thing I Never Had

Kelly Clarkson- Since U Been Gone

Justin Timberlake- Cry Me a River

Maroon 5- Misery

Another tip is make a list of all the negative things about your relationship and then list the positives that counteract these. For example, negative= He was possessive. So, the positive to now being single, would be that you can see whoever you want, without having to explain to someone where you are or who you are with!

Get rid of everything you shared or anything that will remind you of him and have a party to celebrate your new found single life! This way you will forget about him by having fun with friends instead of dwelling on the past you are aiming to move forwards.

Finally, you must, must, must, avoid all contact from him so, delete him and block him from Facebook, unfollow him from Twitter and delete him from your mobile phone contacts. Remember, a clean break is quicker and easier to heal than a fracture!

I hope this has helped your heart heal <3
Love O

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

FASHION: Am I in heaven?

My Threesome in Italy

Not 'Dio' (God) but food is arguably the most sacred thing in Italy and Italian culture.

'Oh the ice cream!' Is all I can help but think as my hand hovers, over the glass which separates my own world from that of the ice creams'. Until you have come to Italy you have never eaten ice cream; It comes in every flavour imaginable from exotic flavours such as coconut and banana, to flavours to please the sweet toothed such as Kinder, white chocolate and trifle. Then there are the equally exquisite, yet simple flavours such as lemon and my current favourite strawberry. I have been indulged in a love affair with strawberry and white chocolate these past two weeks. We have an intimate relationship every evening after supper which tantalizes and teases my taste buds. The ice cream enters my mouth, a firework bursting with flavour and then leaving me cooled as it slides, slowly down my throat. This pure instant pleasure has caused nothing but punishment to my body-But I'm sure it won't hold a grudge as when I return my threesome with ice cream flavours won't be coming home with me.

We lay our table like a shrine and gather around it like a congregation waiting for the glorious pasta to be served. The importance of the meal is emphasized by the gathering of the family to eat together: Like a mass where each bite is a prayer and each dish is a gospel. At the end of the mass the family winds down with a game of cards followed by a nap. (Outside the sun shines with all its might scorching anyone with a single touch of its' rays.)

For vanity purposes of wanting to be 'golden' I dare to lie onto the volcanic rocks-which look like colossal charcoal- under the menacing sun at mid-day! I lye in a pool which unfortunately I can only describe as my own sweat, waiting for the wind to caress my nearly naked body. I can't help noticing the way it excites my body causing goose bumps to take over my skin. On my arms, on my legs rising the fine hairs, letting the air stroke my skin...

As the holiday comes to an end I start to resemble more of an orange (or a jersey sure character) than a human being. My last days are spent with local relatives eating and relaxing or as they would better put it 'Il bel far niente'.

Love O