Monday, 28 January 2013

FASHION: The Ultimate Bad Girl

The Ultimate Bad Girl

The Ultimate Bad Girl by oriannarosa
The Ultimate Bad Girl wears leather and can make it work with anything. Here are some looks that I've put together that go well with the leather jacket 'bad girl' look but at the same time allow personality to be shown. My biggest trend tip for this transitional season is buy a shirt/ vest quite a few sizes to big (I'm size 6-8 and would be a size 16-18) and wear it as a dress; This is cheaper than buying a dress, no one else will have it and shirts tend to have great designs on them making them very quirky and interesting! Team it with a leather jacket (of course) patterned tights, boots, brogues or flatforms and lots of jewellery including ear cuffs for the grunge look.

Matthew Williamson long gown


Navy blue shirt

Warehouse top
$55 -

Loose pants
$140 -

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Giovanna Plowman- video link and my rant on it.

So, I'm sure you've heard of Giovanna Plowman on social networking sites? Maybe even on the news? Or probably just through word-of-mouth. If you haven't the video of her infamous video is linked in the description on my youtube video above. I should warn you, it isn't for the easily disgusted! Has my generation reached to new levels for fame? Watch my video to find out why I think, well hope, it's fake. Comment what you think: real or fake and why?

Love O

Monday, 21 January 2013

FASHION: We could lye in my dream world forever...

We could lye in my dream world forever... <3

H m

fairytales from a lilac wood

Reality Escapes Her...

Anooke.: January 2010

voyager 3 nebula

watercolor splashes

Violet Voice

a strange obsession with the Kennedys †


Those thoughts.

oh, those were the days

1 (142).png

DIY Shell Topped Bottles

PolyBlogger: Spring


Sunday, 20 January 2013

My Sunday full of Snow

Snow drops have been gracefully falling till the ground, as predicted, since Friday. It was so cold that glaciers have formed in my garden. They are oh-so-pretty and dainty even though they are sharp and potentially dangerous! Even the darkest of alleys now look somewhat peaceful and beautiful. 
As usual, London over-reacted and the minute we were of snow arriving, salt was poured on the ground and everything came to a halt with transport delays and schools closing. For what? A few centimeters of snow-which is only slightly dense water. Today I made the most of the weather and went out in my vintage floral wellies! It was also the first time I wore my super-dry hoody which I've had for 2 years; I wore so many layers that I resembled the 'Michelin Man'! 
Whilst it snowed I utilised my time efficiently, in shops buying a few 'bits and bobs'. Along with a pair of needed jeans- one in blue and the other in black from Primark- I also went into Marks&Spencer and bought a couple of fragrances. I bought a deodorant spray which is very fruity and girly for only £2 which I like because it reminds me of spring. I also bought a perfume called 'Leilah' which is very floral and flirty and I love it!! It goes extremely well sprayed over the deodorant as the scents compliment each other  I bought it in 25ml instead of 100ml because I like to change my perfume each season so buying a smaller perfume means it is less pricey and also that I won't have to feel obliged into using it until it finishes ultimately feeling sick of the smell. It's also handy because it makes it 'portable perfume' and can be put into any sized hangbag to spitz one-self during the day.

I usually hate the snow. It's so cold and if you've straightened your hair, a nuisance. However, this winter I have taken a liking to it. Possibly because I've been revising and staying at home more, so I haven't been dressing up and styling my hair but leaving it in it's naturally curly state. Thus it can't be messed by the snow which allows me to relish the opportunity to 'muck around' in it. Although I still haven't plucked up the courage to get into a snow fight, I am thinking of making a snow man tomorrow if the snow hasn't yet melted! I hope everyone is having a lovely time in the lovely snow! 

Love O 

Friday, 18 January 2013

Me, Myself and I

Hello. I'm Orianna Rosa Alia Royle. My skin is pale and my eyes are piercing blue contrasting to my italian origins. My favourite Haribo are the hearts and eggs. I love candy floss because it reminds me of clouds floating in the sky. I don't own a tv. It broke and we never sought to fix it.

Playing piano is best at 3-4am that's when I'm at my utmost creative. I don't have a favourite song. I love every song I play as I seek beauty in everything. Except for Bach. He can fuck off. If you had asked me when I was five what I want to be when I'm older I would have replied a rabbit. Thirteen years later and I'm still not too sure. Being a journalist would be amazing... But being a police women or an artist sounds pretty fun too. If it were possible I would definitely still be a rabbit though.

Is being eccentric an artistic way of being insane? Then I'd like a dose of that please. I lack inspiration from this black and white world. I have come to the conclusion that, I think the world is backwards. We have the biggest meals in the evening- when we don't need the energy because we are going to bed- and the smallest in the morning-when we need it most to bring our sugar levels back up (or something along those lines). Surely this is slightly mad?

What's sad about being out of love is forgetting what it felt like being in love. French is the language of l'amour .I'm going to take French at university, not because I like to study it but because I dont want to forget how to speak it. I did two years of German and can't put together a coherent sentence. I don't like toasted bread. I like it slightly warm, soggy even. I hate a crunch. Just add a bit if butter and your in seven heaven.

It's funny how when I want to sleep my brain wants to think but, when I want to think my brain wants to sleep. Also, why is it that I get the best ideas when I don't have my notepad with me?! Coincidence?
I think not.
My rant ends here. Good night.

Love O

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Seven Deadly Sins: LOVE

Love. How can one word create such confusion in life? It can be peculiar  fascinating and illogical even. So far as to say that not even scientist's can calculate the reasoning for love: what is it? Why we feel it? How it happens? The triangular theory of love was developed by psychologistRobert Sternberg. In which, the context of interpersonal relationships can be broken down into seven contributing components:
  • Liking/friendship is "used here in a nontrivial sense. Rather, it refers to the set of feelings one experiences in relationships that can truly be characterized as friendship. One feels closeness, bondedness, and warmth toward the other, without feelings of intense passion or long-term commitment."
  • Companionate love- stronger than friendship, it's an intimate, non-passionate type of love that is stronger than friendship because of the element of long-term commitment- This can be shared between 'best-friends'. "This type of love is observed in long-term marriages where passion is no longer present" but where a deep affection and commitment remain. The love ideally shared between family members is a form of companionate love, as is the love between close friends who have a platonic but strong friendship. This is why some friends of the opposite gender can be defined as 'friend zoned'. 
  • Empty love is characterized by commitment without intimacy or passion. 'In anarranged marriage, the spouses' relationship may begin as empty love and develop into another form' but on the other hand a couple could have started with another form of love but develop into empty love following lack intimacy, when the only reason for staying together is 'for the children' or simply to commit for other reasons such as religion. Thus, stronger love may deteriorate into empty love

  • Infatuated love: "infatuation results from the experiencing of passionate arousal in the absence of intimacy and decision/ Tennov's limerance." This can be described as the phonemenom 'love at first sight' like in Romeo and Juliet however if an intimate bond fails develop after time then this feeling will disapear quite suddenly.
  • Fatuous love is "fatuous in the sense that a commitment is made on the basis of passion without the stabilizing influence of intimate involvement." This can be charecterized by classic hollywood films where the man courts the women through romantic gestures and then they marry without pre-maritial sex. 
  • Romantic love "derives from a combination of the intimate and passionate components of love...romantic lovers are not only drawn physically to each other but are also bonded emotionally" Romantic lovers lack commitment so unless the couples type of love changes the passion and intimacy and thus love wear-off and make the couple more prone to cheating. 
  • Consummate love is the ideal form of love which is the love that is associated with being the “perfect couple.” According to Sternberg, these couples will "continue to have great sex fifteen years or more into the relationship, they cannot imagine themselves happier over the long-term with anyone else, they overcome their few difficulties gracefully, and each delight in the relationship with one other". Sternberg also warns however, that maintaining a consummate love may be even harder than achieving it. He stresses that "even the greatest of loves can die." Therefore although this type of love is idealistic it still isn't permanent and thus with lack of intimacy and passion or just 'drifting' as people grow and change this type of love can turn into 'companionate love.'

We can experience many types of loves during our lives through a range of different types of relationships but even just one relationship can display a variety of love forms at one time or can even develop into another form of love. 

Love O

Saturday, 12 January 2013


Le Noir

A collage based on one of my favourite films 'Lengend' filled with dark fantasy and mythical creatures. I want Mia's oh-so-beautiful, gothic dress.

Great Plains long black skirt
$48 -

Click on the youtube video to see the trailer to the magical film!

Love O

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

FASHION: My Perfect Summer

My Perfect Summer

American vintage
$72 -

Denim shorts

Charlotte Russe platform heels

Friday, 4 January 2013