Sunday, 20 January 2013

My Sunday full of Snow

Snow drops have been gracefully falling till the ground, as predicted, since Friday. It was so cold that glaciers have formed in my garden. They are oh-so-pretty and dainty even though they are sharp and potentially dangerous! Even the darkest of alleys now look somewhat peaceful and beautiful. 
As usual, London over-reacted and the minute we were of snow arriving, salt was poured on the ground and everything came to a halt with transport delays and schools closing. For what? A few centimeters of snow-which is only slightly dense water. Today I made the most of the weather and went out in my vintage floral wellies! It was also the first time I wore my super-dry hoody which I've had for 2 years; I wore so many layers that I resembled the 'Michelin Man'! 
Whilst it snowed I utilised my time efficiently, in shops buying a few 'bits and bobs'. Along with a pair of needed jeans- one in blue and the other in black from Primark- I also went into Marks&Spencer and bought a couple of fragrances. I bought a deodorant spray which is very fruity and girly for only £2 which I like because it reminds me of spring. I also bought a perfume called 'Leilah' which is very floral and flirty and I love it!! It goes extremely well sprayed over the deodorant as the scents compliment each other  I bought it in 25ml instead of 100ml because I like to change my perfume each season so buying a smaller perfume means it is less pricey and also that I won't have to feel obliged into using it until it finishes ultimately feeling sick of the smell. It's also handy because it makes it 'portable perfume' and can be put into any sized hangbag to spitz one-self during the day.

I usually hate the snow. It's so cold and if you've straightened your hair, a nuisance. However, this winter I have taken a liking to it. Possibly because I've been revising and staying at home more, so I haven't been dressing up and styling my hair but leaving it in it's naturally curly state. Thus it can't be messed by the snow which allows me to relish the opportunity to 'muck around' in it. Although I still haven't plucked up the courage to get into a snow fight, I am thinking of making a snow man tomorrow if the snow hasn't yet melted! I hope everyone is having a lovely time in the lovely snow! 

Love O 

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