Friday, 18 January 2013

Me, Myself and I

Hello. I'm Orianna Rosa Alia Royle. My skin is pale and my eyes are piercing blue contrasting to my italian origins. My favourite Haribo are the hearts and eggs. I love candy floss because it reminds me of clouds floating in the sky. I don't own a tv. It broke and we never sought to fix it.

Playing piano is best at 3-4am that's when I'm at my utmost creative. I don't have a favourite song. I love every song I play as I seek beauty in everything. Except for Bach. He can fuck off. If you had asked me when I was five what I want to be when I'm older I would have replied a rabbit. Thirteen years later and I'm still not too sure. Being a journalist would be amazing... But being a police women or an artist sounds pretty fun too. If it were possible I would definitely still be a rabbit though.

Is being eccentric an artistic way of being insane? Then I'd like a dose of that please. I lack inspiration from this black and white world. I have come to the conclusion that, I think the world is backwards. We have the biggest meals in the evening- when we don't need the energy because we are going to bed- and the smallest in the morning-when we need it most to bring our sugar levels back up (or something along those lines). Surely this is slightly mad?

What's sad about being out of love is forgetting what it felt like being in love. French is the language of l'amour .I'm going to take French at university, not because I like to study it but because I dont want to forget how to speak it. I did two years of German and can't put together a coherent sentence. I don't like toasted bread. I like it slightly warm, soggy even. I hate a crunch. Just add a bit if butter and your in seven heaven.

It's funny how when I want to sleep my brain wants to think but, when I want to think my brain wants to sleep. Also, why is it that I get the best ideas when I don't have my notepad with me?! Coincidence?
I think not.
My rant ends here. Good night.

Love O

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