Saturday, 31 August 2013

Back to School

Back to School

Back to School by oriannarosa featuring a messenger bag

Two weeks until school starts again! Here is a post with the kind of things I'm going to be packing in my satchel! I thought the sandwhich food container was super cute, along with the floral calculator and the world map flask which are really usual in the winter to carry coffee, tea or soup. A beanie is essential to keep your head warm as the summer comes to an end, for your journey home. My iPhone is always the first thing I pack in my bag to keep me up-to-date with the world. Keep your phone protected with a cute case. A full face of make-up is too full on for school and far too time consuming. However, a pink lipstick or lip gloss is a perfect pick-me-up for a tired face! I always keep a pair of headphones in my bag for free periods or for my journey home to keep me company. Go to school prepared with pens, highlighters and pencils, so you don't have to be that annoying classmate who always asks the person next to them for a pen... I always find having a diary or agenda as well as a textbook is usual, that way you can optimize your organizational skills and be prepared for any upcoming events. Finally, a watch proves most usual during lessons without a clock and exams to manage your time keeping well. It also benefits students who aren't allowed to take a phone into school and is so chic! I love this simple wrist watch as it oozes elegance and the strap matches the satchel perfectly. I hope you have fun getting ready to go back to school!
Love O

Pull&Bear loafer wedge shoes
$31 -

Messenger bag

Olivia Burton bracelet watch
$105 -

Tech accessory

Iphone case

ASOS knit hat

Lancôme red lipgloss

Jemma Kidd lips makeup
$13 -

Wild Wolf bar tool
$29 -

Vera Bradley office supply

Home decor
$1.40 -

Office supply

Monday, 26 August 2013

Center Parks!

I am just leaving to go to center parks with my friends! I am super duper excited! Blogging will be if anything minimal... However, I have lots of things lined up for when I get back! Stay tuned in!
Love O

Friday, 23 August 2013

FASHION: Miley Cyrus Style Steal

Miley Cyrus Fashion Inspiration

Miley Cyrus Fashion Inspiration by oriannarosa featuring fossil jewelry

I love this alien twerk T-shirt, it's just so quirky and geeky! As soon as a saw it I knew straight away I needed to do a fashion inspiration/style steal posts on it because it just screams Miley Cyrus! This outfit is a cross between punk and couture and I just love it to pieces! I'm going to recreate this outfit with similar clothing items in my wardrobe to wear clubbing.
Love O

T shirt

Boohoo disco pants

Fossil jewelry

Mango chain jewelry
$47 -

Lips makeup

Monday, 19 August 2013

Warner bros studio tour London (Harry Potter Land)

This Saturday I entered the fascinated wizarding world of Harry Potter, where as promised, secrets were revealed. Through the grand entrance my boyfriend Arun, and I walked through the great hall which to my amazing was an exact replica of the the ones you see in the films!
Before I drone at you on how amazing the tour was, I'm just going to mention that I wont be able to describe the whole experience, as there was so much there that it would take days to write. However, I will write about the parts that for me stood out on the tour which lasted around 3 hours.

The tour allows you to see all the costumes and sets of the characters such as the Weasleys' home and Dumbeldores authentic robe. Umbridges set was my favourite as it is as cute as in the film, with a wall full of plates with pretty little kittens and everything pretty in pink. Her charming costumes where also displayed.

In addition, the tour wasn't short of the thousand of props used in the series of films. From the door of the chamber of secret and all the characters wands to the gryffindor entrance painting. The props were all so real and intricately designed to perfection.

When you go outside you'll reach the nightbus, where like we did, you can buy a butterbeer just like the ones Harry buys in Hogsmeade!! It tasted like an Irn bru with caramel and cream which to my surprise was delicous! Although it came at quite a hefty price, we got to keep our mug as a souvenir! I will most definitely be drinking hot chocolate this Christmas out of my butterbeer mug!! An amazing replica of Privet drive with the street and 2 houses can also be seen here whilst enjoying your drink and other refreshments alongside Godric's Hollow. These life size sets allow you to submerge into the life of Harry Potter and make the experience all the more realistic.

We then walked through the very realistic Hogwarts bridge (which Neville Longbottom famously runs down as it burns) into the next building in which we were shown how the goblins masks were made to look so real! Along side this there were many other character made from wax such as dobby, the much loved house elf, Hermoine and Hagrid. Also shown, were monster books, a Mandrake plant which cried like in the movie and a robotic Hedwig!

Walking through the Diagon alley set I was amazed, at how the set is exactly like how it is shown in the film- except with railings to protect each building- with well-known shops such as Honeydukes and Olivanders. Honeydukes even had the extremely large man (which looks like both Fred and George) holding his hat as shown in the film so seeing it in reality was so magical! I absolutely loved walking down this famous street because of how real it felt! Unfortunately the lighting wasn't great and so, this picture really doesn't do it justice!

Finally, you walk through Olivanders into the gift shop which for me was my favourite part! I loved the gift shop because you can try on all the Gryffindor robes like a true Hogwarts student and you can look at all the characters wand and play around with them.. Or in my case, pretend to do an unforgivable curse on my boyfriend. The shop is also abundant with things to buy from the film such as the chocolate frog (which I bought), bertie botts every flavour beans, horcruxes and Hermoine's time turner which my boyfriend bought for me. All in all, it was a lovely experience and I would definitely recommend a Harry Potter fan or anyone looking for a memorable day out to take a visit to theWarner bros studio tour London. If you're planning to go on the tour then I hope you have as much fun as I did and find the experience equally as magical!

Love O

Thursday, 15 August 2013

A Level Results

I am sooo happy to have been accepted at my first choice University with the grades ABB!! I would have liked an AAB but I can't really complain to be honest, seeing as I only revised for 2 weeks. I am super excited and so ready to embrace uni life! Also, this calls for a shopping trip for new stationary and text book etc... Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I love cute stationary, like pens that looks like animals or are just cute in some way. So I cannot wait!!
I'm wishing that everyone's had their desired A level results and got into the university of their dreams!
Love O

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

About Me [TAG]

1.Do you have a middle name? Rosa Alia -I have a very long name...
2. What was your favourite subject in school? I love school and I was always an all-rounder, loving every subject! It's so hard to chose just one subject! I've always swayed more towards arty subjects and loved textiles, music and Media Studies. But geography also always fascinated me.

3. What’s your favourite drink? Non-alcoholic? San Pellegrino Limonatae! It's sex in a can! On the alcoholic side of life, I love gin and tonic, mojitos and any fruity flavoured cocktail!

4. Favourite song at the moment? Laura Palmer by Bastille- I really cannot get enough of them at the moment!! 

5. What would you name your children? I don't know, there are so many beautiful names in the world! For girls I love Lily, Luna, Love, Mia, Valentine and Anastasia.. For a boy, names I like are Santino, Amos and River.

6. Do you participate in any sports? Since the holidays have started I have gotten so lazy! Throughout my life I have done: Tag rugby, football, athletics, dance, kickboxing, trampolining and zumba. There are probably more that I've forgotten. At this moment I do nothing, however, I really want to start learning the Argentine tango; It's beautiful!!

7. Favourite Book? I love reading so much and every book is special. I love all the Harry Potter books, twilight, 50 shades as well as all of Cecilia Ahern's books; I'm a big fan! Sophie Kinsella is also great for chick flicks and feel-good books. My childhood favourite is Alice in Wonderland.

8. Favourite Colour? My favourite colour changes everyday depending on the weather or my mood (etc) so I couldn't chose just one. I do like to wear a lot of blues, blacks and greys. Although I don't wear pink because it doesn't compliment the colour of my skin, I do love the colour!

9. Favourite Animal? I'm a cat girl and can't get enough of the purring creatures! Moreover, I love every animal and think we should do our best to protect them and their habitats.

10. Favourite perfume? I think Valentina by Valentino smells beautifully delicate and quite rosy.

11. Favourite holiday? I love going to Italy as that's where almost all my family live. I also eat well there and gain a much better tan than in rainy England!

12. Have you graduated Secondary School? In 2011 and I've now finished my A-levels! Woohoo!!

13. Have you been out of the Country? Yuppp, I have been to Portugal, Italy, France and Germany.

14. Do you speak any other Languages? Italian fluently, French at an advanced level and I have an understanding of Spanish as it's similar to Italian. I also studied German for 2 years but can only remember how to say I have a pony. Which I don't.

15. Do you have any siblings? A little sister.

16. What’s your favourite store? Definitely Topshop! Although in recent years they've gone down hill and the prices have gone way up! Newlook and h&m are also great shops! I'm also a guilty primark shopper but I shop there less as there prices have gone up, even though there quality hasn't improved.

17. Favourite Restaurant? I LOVE food from all over the world so I cant chose my favourite all time resteraunt but for a cheap and casual meal I do like to go to nandos for an extra hot chicken wrap! I also love Bar Estilla and Zizzi's, as well as many kebab shops (I love to indulge in a kebab around once a month) and Chinese food from China town.

18. Did you like school? I loved school so much! I loved learning new things and meeting my friends and chatting! Me and homework just didn't get on very well.

19. Favourite YouTubers? It would have to be zoella, tanya burr and alfie from pointless blog.

20. Favourite Movie? I have a blog post on this! >> As a rule I love anything directed by Tim Burton.

21. Favourite Tv shows? 90210, The Vampire Diaries, Friends and The Big Bang Theory.

22. Pc or Mac? I like both.. Pc is simpler to use and more affordable however, macs are good for film editing and technical things but way out of my price range!

23. What phone do you have? I have an Iphone4 and I love it to bits!

24. How tall are you? I'm 5’1 but 1cm away from 5'2!!.

Monday, 12 August 2013


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

FASHION: Primark Haul

So, I went shopping over the course of this week and last week to buy some summer essentials. Also, I had a wardrobe clear-out which I do each season, so I felt that after throwing out some clothes (and giving them to charity) I could replace them! This meant I had the chance to shop, shop, shop!! I went literally everywhere: Topshop, H&M, M&S, New Look but mainly I bargain hunted in Primark because I was on a tight budget!

The first thing I bought were 2 vests. I love this one I got from Primark for around £3 as it's such a lovely shade of coral! It's so bright and can be worn with any jeans, shorts or skirts in my cupboard. I feel an instant lift in my mood as soon as I put this shirt on and I love the polka-dots as they always work with a vintage look!

I then couldn't resist buying the same in monochrome! It's so minnie mouse and goes with everything I wear because I love to wear black as it always looks classy.
I wore it with my new patterned leggings from H&M, which were the last ones on the rail I could find and under a tenner! BARGAIN! I love these leggings as they have a smooth feel to them like wet look leggings as they are made from a similar material. However, they don't look shiny or trashy like anything made from PVC.

I also teamed this shirt with a very cute polka-dotted skirt I bought from Topshop on sale for £15. I love the use of dots on dots as they really work well together and make a dress-like ensemble. The picture really doesn't do this skirt justice!! At a size 6 it fits perfectly, just dropping above the knees. The cut is amazing with a lovely pleat in the middle giving the skirt some shape.

Another bargain buy was this black lace crop top, which is see-through at the back. I bought it for under £5 and I love it because it can be worn with any high wasted skirt, like this floral one I bought from Camden market. I love how flexibly I can wear this as with sandals and a satchel it can be worn during the day. Add heels and a clutch bag and it can be worn at night.

Primark had a great array of sleeveless collared shirts on sale and I saw this floral one and just had to buy it. As previously mentioned most my wardrobe is monochrome themed and so this will go with everything I have; Jeans, skirts or black shorts. I also adore the daisies on the shirt as they give it a boho look, mixed with the light fabric, this shirt is perfect for the summer! So far I've already worn it shopping a few times and to dinner with my boyfriends family.

Finally, I was really in need of some new pyjamas/clothes I can lounge around the house in so I bought this lovely set from Primark for a fiver!! I love the rich berry-like colour, and shape of the vest. The buttons mean I can undo a few if i get too hot in the night which is great!! Also, I love the little short bottoms- the pattern reminds me of Jack Wills- as the little bow is so cute and also good to tighten them. I then bought these striped black and white pajama bottoms (which are like leggings) to go with the vest as a winter alternative. I love the monochrome stripes as they make me feel like I'm in a Tim Burton movie. The little violet bow which (luckily) matches the colour of the vest  is so cute and quirky!
I will definitely be wearing this to lounge in as much as possible!!

In summary, I found that in Primark the style and the quality of the clothes have vastly improved with much more fashionable buys. However, so has the price yet it is still much cheaper than your other high-street buys such as Topshop and Zara. So, if you have a budget, Primark is definitely still the place to go!

Love O