Thursday, 31 October 2013

✪ HAPPY HALLOWEEN! ✪ Pumpkin Carving

Tonight, literally a few hours ago, Arun and I carved out pumpkins! I was so impressed by Arun's pumpkin carving skills because he made a really cute devil which is so much better than my night sky pumpkin and it was his first time! The pictures really do not do his pumpkin justice! I went for the really simple design because I think it's really pretty when I turn the light off and my ceiling is lit up with cute stars as if I'm sleeping in the open air. (Of course, it's not a great idea to fall asleep with a candle in your pumpkin so if you want a safer choice get an electronic tea light!) We then had soup, bruschetta and sausages in baps- as mentioned in my previous post- and finished the evening with a good helping of sweets and Aero chocolate. Perfect! We have had a very happy Halloween and I am now tucked into bed ready to welcome November.
Love O


I can't believe it's already Halloween! What are you guys doing to celebrate this festive evening? I am going to be carving pumpkins with Arun (If you're a regular reader you'll know he's my boyfriend) and he's a first-timer so I'm super excited! With the insides of the pumpkin that we will scoop out I'm going to make us some lovely pumpkin soup accompanied by a sausage in a bap! Delicious! If, like Arun, you too have never carved a pumpkin, then I'd really recomend it! It's a really fun way of getting creative and spending the evening with family and friends without watching the telly. For a great step-by-step guide read this article it's super handy:
 And if you're stuck on coming up with ideas to carve on your pumpkin then get inspired by this article's great ideas:

Glitter Text Generator
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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

BEAUTY: Todays Hair

This is just a simple hairstyle that I've been wearing quite a lot lately because it keeps my side fringe (bangs) out of my face, so it's much less of a hassle during uni. I love it because it really shows off my highlights and has a bit of a summer feel to it, which for some magical reason, really uplifts my mood during this chilly season! It is literally just a simple braid pinned to the side and is so great because it takes under 5 minutes to do and is a bit more fun than just leaving your hair down. This is great for people like me who are too lazy to bother making a big fuss out of their hair first thing in the morning, especially if you have an early start for school; I'd much rather spend the time people take styling their hair in the comfort of my toasty warm bed! 
Love O 

Friday, 25 October 2013


Just a simple LBD I wore to uni along with my absolute favourite wedges! 

My watch is an eco-drive by Citizen and my nail varnish is by KIKO a brand from Milan which I'll be doing a review on so keep updated!

Love O

Thursday, 17 October 2013

FASHION: Halloween Costume Ideas on a Budget & My Halloween Wishlist

Hey everyone! It's getting closer and closer to Halloween! I for one, cannot wait! Here is a
little wishlist I made for Halloween. I think the socks and slippers are super cute for seasonal lounging if, (like my lazy self) you're at home often. I already have a pair of sequined cat ears however, I thought this one was cute too. I also love the cat eye mask to wear to bed as well as the skeleton leggings as I love to wear monochrome so I could wear them with pretty much anything in my wardroab to quirck things up a little! I love the shoes as they're so wonderfully weird and would genuinely wear the cat ones everywhere and anywhere I go! You may be able to tell from this that I'm a little obsessed with cats... Moving on! The nail polishes are in Halloween themed colours. This year I'm going for a pumpkin themed pallet scheme instead of vampire one (red,purple etc). The lipsticks are also cute; I quite like the purple lipstick teamed with the orange nail polish for a super scary look!
Below are also some costume ideas if you are doing fancy dress. They are all on a low budget with the prices linked below the image, so read on!
My Halloween Wishlist

ASOS halloween legging
$29 -

Mary jane shoes

Barry M black lipstick
$7.17 -

Barry M nail polish
$4.77 -

Barry M orange nail polish
$4.77 -

Barry m nail varnish
$4.77 -

Charlotte Olympia - Bite Me Kitty - Halloween
$790 -

halloween socks at Target

The Corpse Bride

Denim corset

Cameo Rose long tiered skirt
$13 -

Blue headband

20% OFF SALE Frozen Queen / Ice White and Aqua Blue/ Long Curly Wavy...

Wednesday Addams

Macrame dress
$26 -

The next one isn't very Halloweeney but hey, if you don't like to dress like a Halloween themed movie character then dress as this cheap alternative!
Where's Wally

A P C sailor shirt

H&M jeans
$48 -

Keds shoes
$29 -

AX Paris red heel shoes
$45 -