Thursday, 31 October 2013

✪ HAPPY HALLOWEEN! ✪ Pumpkin Carving

Tonight, literally a few hours ago, Arun and I carved out pumpkins! I was so impressed by Arun's pumpkin carving skills because he made a really cute devil which is so much better than my night sky pumpkin and it was his first time! The pictures really do not do his pumpkin justice! I went for the really simple design because I think it's really pretty when I turn the light off and my ceiling is lit up with cute stars as if I'm sleeping in the open air. (Of course, it's not a great idea to fall asleep with a candle in your pumpkin so if you want a safer choice get an electronic tea light!) We then had soup, bruschetta and sausages in baps- as mentioned in my previous post- and finished the evening with a good helping of sweets and Aero chocolate. Perfect! We have had a very happy Halloween and I am now tucked into bed ready to welcome November.
Love O