Thursday, 3 September 2015


Hey guys,

I have been really really really busy... moving rooms!! We had an extension at my house and now I have a new room upstairs so that my downstairs room which s much bigger can be made into a lounge. Although I'm sad to leave my old room I'm so excited because I can now re-decorate and re-organize all my stuff! Anyways watch my video (above) to see the whole process and soon I will be uploading a room tour too! Below is a little snippet of the video!

Love O



  1. I just watched your YouTube video II'M MOVING! -YouTube video. You're very organised! I like the way you write your journal. Your lipstick is pretty I also like the blue top you wore.

    I also watched and liked your video HAUL | What I Bought in Italy | Oriannas Oracle - YouTube and added it to the "Hauls and OOTDs" Playlist on my YouTube channel I love the pillow in the background with the message "Today is going to be a GOOD DAY". The new bedroom looks lovely. That baby blue shirt you bought in Italy is pretty. I love your taste in colours and styles in swimsuits - the purple swim bottom and pink top are both lovely. The eyeshadow from Italy looks pretty as well.

  2. Thank you! Ah that's very sweet of you! I love the pillows too! They were also such a bargain!