Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Scheckter's Organic Energy Drink First Impression + Review

Today I am writing a review on the Scheckter's Organic Energy Drink. This is a follow on from the video I did just so that you can have a little more information about the product and my opinions on it. I was not paid to write this post or to try this product, these opinions are my own. Now that that's all out the way, lets get on with the review eh!

My opinion:

I think this was a really tasty drink, I loved the fizz it had to it which made it really refreshing. It had a lovely sweet taste to it, which may not suit everyone. For starters my mum certainly found it too sweet! She much preferred the lite version which tasted much more like fruit and less like sugar, whilst I loved the original but wasn't a big fan of the lite version.
As I say in the video, although this gave me energy it was quite a slow burner and didn't give me a sudden spike in energy. The website actually talks about this and claims it's because it's more like natural energy whilst the 'rush and crash' is due to the synthetics in most energy drinks. So, if you like choosing the healthier options in life then this will definitely fit in with your lifestyle! My boyfriend however, who is really into sports and loves his energy drinks wasn't so keen. He actually liked the flavour but he said that he wouldn't pick it because it's not branded towards giving you a load of energy for sports. Watch below for more of my opinion and my initial first impression upon tasting it!

The ingredients: 

"The flavour of Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy comes from a mix of organic Sicilian lemon juice,
Eastern Mediterranean organic pomegranate juice and organic elderberry juice from Central Europe.
The organic lemon juice also acts as a natural preservative but because this makes the drink a bit tart, we add a little raw cane sugar (in Scheckter’s Original)
or agave nectar (in Scheckter’s LITE) to create a pleasant taste.
To provide you a sustained energy boost without the crash we use our OrganicEnergy blend of raw green coffee beans,
Brazilian guarana, green tea and ginseng."

Check their website out here

Price: I found it for just under 70p here on Ocado 

My Rating

☆ 3/5 stars

Love O

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