Friday, 29 August 2014

BEAUTY: L'Oréal Volume Million Lashes (so Couture) REVIEW

First impression 

I like the packaging. The colours are regal, in a deep purple and gold. The brush is small which I'd imagine should application easier but is it too small to cover and coat my lashes well though? Colour is black but not as jet black as I'd like but slightly more ash. The brush isn't very shapely, it doesn't have lots of spines or a curved shape to it. If that make's any sense? Will this decrease the volume of my lashes? 

One week later 

It definitely elongates my lashes and separates them very well but I don't think it makes them look much thicker or if it gives the appearance of more lashes as the name suggests. Also, I find that it gives them that horrid long and thin, spidery look.

I must admit the brushes size is advantageous in so far as I can reach lashes that I could never reach with my previous bigger brush mascaras. It helps you apply your mascara more precisely and target individual lashes especially on the corner of your eye and the bottom lash line due to its size. However, I find that in any way I apply my mascara with this wand, it seems to smudge onto my lid which doesn't usually happen often. When it does I simple remove it with swipe a cotton bud but the substance to this mascara is so sticky and thick that unless you remove these excess smudges within a second, it stains.

Also, contrarily to what L'Oreal say, this mascara comes out with lots of little clumps and because it's not thick so it leaves your lashes looking still quite thin, the clumps stand out like a sore thumb. It also makes my lashes so so stiff!! Don't try pulling out any clumps during the day. Your lashes will come out.

Finally, much to my disappointment, after an hour or two the mascara seems to wear off a little, in other words, it doesn't have a good hold, so after a few hours my lashes look dull but because the mascara is so stiff and thick you can't really add to it during the day.

Overall I'd give this product a 6/10      

It's okay for an every day makeup look if you like feminine, simple and  separated lashes but for those va va voom volumous lashes, it just doesn't cut. Maybe keep the brush and use it for another mascara because the brush really does help you apply mascara much more precisely. 

Without The Mascara
With The Mascara- Coated as much as possible for a usually really big lash look.
Left with mascara and right without. Not much difference in length.
Final Look with heavily coated mascara

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

DIY: Back 2 School Snazzy Notebooks

To start you will need to buy plain notebooks you want to jazz up. I choose these lovely colourful ones to differentiate between my subjects but you can get just plain clear ones if you don't like this style. I then went on Tumblr (durr) to get lots of cute pictures that I would love to see in lessons each day because they'd make me smile and make me think of summer and just brighten my day. To ensure this happens, I used posts that were really summery such as watermelon and beaches or funny. However, you could always personalize it and choose photos that are more to your style such as if you're a goth then dark and gothic photos or if you're a skater then skater related images etc.

Copy and paste all your chosen images to word. Now, I like to like () the images first so then they are all in my liked posts section. This means I don't have to find all my images straight away and I can look at all of the liked ones together once I'm done and chose my favourites out of these that I want to use. Then, print the images out and place them were you'd like them to be. When you know where you want everything to go, glue the photos onto the inside cover so they don't get dirty or scratched and then glue on top of the images to give them a shiny effect.

Wait for it to dry and ta-da you know have the cutest notebook ever! No one else will have one and designing it was free!

If you made one please link me to the photo because I'd love to see your lovely versions!!

Love O

Friday, 22 August 2014

Currently Craving

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Click Above!

Hey guys!
I am so excited to reveal... that my pages are now working again!! So when you click on a page such as 'fashion posts' it will show you all my fashion posts! It took me a while to link them up but I am so happy with the results! I am going to keep adding more pages in the near time too so keep your eyes peeled for those.
I hope this makes it easier for you guys to navigate my blog and read a specific post!
Love O

Monday, 18 August 2014

BEAUTY: Balmi Lip Balm Review

I bought this lip-balm a while back to review and completely forgot about it, I happened to stumble upon the draft post this morning and here I am!
Firstly, I love love love the packaging to this lip-balm, as shown below it can conveniently be put on your keys as a keyring. Awesome right?! This was great because it made sure that every time I went to get my keys (which is more often than I thought it'd be) I ended up moisturizing my lips. It also means it is also almost impossible to loose- I've recently lost my favourite Bert's Bees Lip Balm- and it's so easy to find in your bag!
The one I chose smells like strawberry but there is a great variety of flavours available, my next favourite is mint. Balmi bares a notable similarity to EOS in the way it's packaged. I opted for a square Balmi with the product in a cone shape, however, the ball shaped option (like EOS)  is available too.  
The product itself is very smooth and not at all sticky but I'm not too impressed with the ingredients which contain a lot of chemicals such as petrolatum and parabens. A benefit although, is that all Balmi lip balms come with SPF 15. 
 The biggest problem I have encountered with my Balmi lip balm, is that there is a fault in the packaging, in that it can easily open in your bag. The moment of doom where the lip balm decided to unscrew and melt in the heat, consequently ruining the suede lining to my bag was when I went to Covent Gardens with my Mulberry bag. It was a sad day. Thus, in anger I threw the lip balm away to ensure no more bags of mine are ruined.

  Therefore, although this is a fun product and smells so good, it's best to be left for the less fashion conscious girls who don't mind there bag being ruined. Contrarily, it would also make a great buy for a young teen discovering makeup and style.

My Verdict: ★☆★☆★ 5/10

Love O

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Welcome To My Oracle

You are coordinately invited...

What is an Oracle?

 A place at which divine advice or prophecy was sought.
♥ A response or message (given by an oracle).

♥ I think Oracle is really fitting for my blog, as for me it is a place where I relax and find some serenity. It's my little bit of peace and sanctuary that I like to go to, most especially after a hectic and busy day, to wind down. My own little temple of thoughts. It is also a place, I hope, where you can find advice and tips or just even enjoy reading my posts. 

Today's Reading

♥ Using my Earth Magic Oracle Cards, I did a little reading to mark the official start to my new blog name- Orianna's Oracle. 

The cards I got from the reading are:

This marks strength and vigilance; Like a mountain,  I need to be solid and not let anything stop me from doing the best I can. 

This means a new beginning. Even though I have had this blog for over 2 years now, the changing of my blog name is a milestone that marks a new beginning for both my blog and myself. 

Karma is the law of cause and effect. I'm a big believer of karmer, I truly believe that the more you give to life the more you reap. In translation, the harder I work on my blog, the better it will be. It also reminds my to be ethical in all my posts and maybe try to use it for good use, such as to help others more.

Have you ever done an Oracle reading? What do you think of mine? Leave me a comment down below! :) 

O x

Friday, 1 August 2014

FASHION: Ebay & Staying a Little Longer

Heya everyone!

I have so many things in cupboard, that in order to fit in new stuff I had to throw a lot of stuff out. Also, I didn't wear any of these things any more as I outgrew them. But, don't you worry! I didn't throw them in the bin... I put them on Ebay!

It was so easy to use, I thought it'd be really complicated but it's literally just taking a photo of what you want to sell and filling in the blanks which Ebay provide. Also, for the whole of the summer it is free to sell stuff. Which I think is great! So, if you're looking for a bit of pocket money to fund your summer plans, then definitely try auctioning off your old stuff. The only problem is postage, I'm selling a large bundle of clothes, so I'm going to have to buy a box and post it off that way, which will probably be quite pricey. The other option I have left is collect in person. But not many people do.

Anyways if you want to check out what I'm selling then click HERE, also, please do share your eBay experiences!

In addition, as suggested by the title, I am staying as oriannarosa for a week longer than I had originally planned, as I won't have access to my computer next week. Therefore, I will have to change it the week after which has annoyed me a little... But oh well. So sorry about that!

My unveiling for the change in my domain name will now be the 15th of August where it will be 

I really look forwards to this progression in my blog as it feels like a fresh beginning.

Chat Soon,
Love O