Wednesday, 27 August 2014

DIY: Back 2 School Snazzy Notebooks

To start you will need to buy plain notebooks you want to jazz up. I choose these lovely colourful ones to differentiate between my subjects but you can get just plain clear ones if you don't like this style. I then went on Tumblr (durr) to get lots of cute pictures that I would love to see in lessons each day because they'd make me smile and make me think of summer and just brighten my day. To ensure this happens, I used posts that were really summery such as watermelon and beaches or funny. However, you could always personalize it and choose photos that are more to your style such as if you're a goth then dark and gothic photos or if you're a skater then skater related images etc.

Copy and paste all your chosen images to word. Now, I like to like () the images first so then they are all in my liked posts section. This means I don't have to find all my images straight away and I can look at all of the liked ones together once I'm done and chose my favourites out of these that I want to use. Then, print the images out and place them were you'd like them to be. When you know where you want everything to go, glue the photos onto the inside cover so they don't get dirty or scratched and then glue on top of the images to give them a shiny effect.

Wait for it to dry and ta-da you know have the cutest notebook ever! No one else will have one and designing it was free!

If you made one please link me to the photo because I'd love to see your lovely versions!!

Love O

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