Friday, 29 August 2014

BEAUTY: L'Oréal Volume Million Lashes (so Couture) REVIEW

First impression 

I like the packaging. The colours are regal, in a deep purple and gold. The brush is small which I'd imagine should application easier but is it too small to cover and coat my lashes well though? Colour is black but not as jet black as I'd like but slightly more ash. The brush isn't very shapely, it doesn't have lots of spines or a curved shape to it. If that make's any sense? Will this decrease the volume of my lashes? 

One week later 

It definitely elongates my lashes and separates them very well but I don't think it makes them look much thicker or if it gives the appearance of more lashes as the name suggests. Also, I find that it gives them that horrid long and thin, spidery look.

I must admit the brushes size is advantageous in so far as I can reach lashes that I could never reach with my previous bigger brush mascaras. It helps you apply your mascara more precisely and target individual lashes especially on the corner of your eye and the bottom lash line due to its size. However, I find that in any way I apply my mascara with this wand, it seems to smudge onto my lid which doesn't usually happen often. When it does I simple remove it with swipe a cotton bud but the substance to this mascara is so sticky and thick that unless you remove these excess smudges within a second, it stains.

Also, contrarily to what L'Oreal say, this mascara comes out with lots of little clumps and because it's not thick so it leaves your lashes looking still quite thin, the clumps stand out like a sore thumb. It also makes my lashes so so stiff!! Don't try pulling out any clumps during the day. Your lashes will come out.

Finally, much to my disappointment, after an hour or two the mascara seems to wear off a little, in other words, it doesn't have a good hold, so after a few hours my lashes look dull but because the mascara is so stiff and thick you can't really add to it during the day.

Overall I'd give this product a 6/10      

It's okay for an every day makeup look if you like feminine, simple and  separated lashes but for those va va voom volumous lashes, it just doesn't cut. Maybe keep the brush and use it for another mascara because the brush really does help you apply mascara much more precisely. 

Without The Mascara
With The Mascara- Coated as much as possible for a usually really big lash look.
Left with mascara and right without. Not much difference in length.
Final Look with heavily coated mascara

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