Monday, 18 August 2014

BEAUTY: Balmi Lip Balm Review

I bought this lip-balm a while back to review and completely forgot about it, I happened to stumble upon the draft post this morning and here I am!
Firstly, I love love love the packaging to this lip-balm, as shown below it can conveniently be put on your keys as a keyring. Awesome right?! This was great because it made sure that every time I went to get my keys (which is more often than I thought it'd be) I ended up moisturizing my lips. It also means it is also almost impossible to loose- I've recently lost my favourite Bert's Bees Lip Balm- and it's so easy to find in your bag!
The one I chose smells like strawberry but there is a great variety of flavours available, my next favourite is mint. Balmi bares a notable similarity to EOS in the way it's packaged. I opted for a square Balmi with the product in a cone shape, however, the ball shaped option (like EOS)  is available too.  
The product itself is very smooth and not at all sticky but I'm not too impressed with the ingredients which contain a lot of chemicals such as petrolatum and parabens. A benefit although, is that all Balmi lip balms come with SPF 15. 
 The biggest problem I have encountered with my Balmi lip balm, is that there is a fault in the packaging, in that it can easily open in your bag. The moment of doom where the lip balm decided to unscrew and melt in the heat, consequently ruining the suede lining to my bag was when I went to Covent Gardens with my Mulberry bag. It was a sad day. Thus, in anger I threw the lip balm away to ensure no more bags of mine are ruined.

  Therefore, although this is a fun product and smells so good, it's best to be left for the less fashion conscious girls who don't mind there bag being ruined. Contrarily, it would also make a great buy for a young teen discovering makeup and style.

My Verdict: ★☆★☆★ 5/10

Love O

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