Sunday, 30 December 2012

Away with the fairies...

Human life, how delicate it is. Just one shot to the head, stab to the frail heart or a slit to the wrists and it’s all over. Bang. Just like that. In just one dark minute of our deepest fears and emotions one could take his life to solve all problems. But would problems be solved? Mathematically by eliminating a person from an equation it doesn't solve the problem but only simplify it.
I like to live in my dream world where butterflies aren’t uncommon and fairies and mythical creatures roam my garden… Because my secret is, that I loathe reality. What sense is there to a life of offices and routine? Life without fantasy is plain black and white and as an artist I like to fill the dull painting with bright colours of scarlet and emerald. But truthfully, the painting will never be complete because you see, in this world only a child is allowed to imagine and as an adult one is expected to put all childish things aside and to stop believing in fairies, unicorns and other magical creatures; for in the adult world, they no longer exist.
Thus death would be welcoming and easy; an adventure. Allowing me to submerge, into my dream world forever.

Love O

Saturday, 29 December 2012

FASHION: Life is Beautifully Vintage

Drummer Boy

This is me with my new haircut showcasing my lovely new Topshop shirt! I bought it because it rather amusingly says 'You're just a drummer not a rockstar' which is pretty much a 'F*@!" You' to an on/off friend. Aside from the writing I love the flag and the style of the shirt as it is very punk and goes nicely with all my indie bracelets and rings. Pair with jeans and converses, high-waisted shorts and converses or legging and boots for a grunge, rock-chick look which is perfect if you're going to a festival this year or even just to hang out with friends.
Love O

BEAUTY: How I do my nails.

Hiya everyone!
As you can see from the video I cut my hair quite a bit shorter! This little video is on nail care for stronger, healthier and better looking nails!
Love O

Monday, 24 December 2012

Feeling Festive

Little christmas decorations to make the lounge more festive...

Isn't my cat Nelly just the most cutest thing you've ever seen? I put a ribbon around her neck with a bow!

I got a tad carried away whilst wrapping presents and put a label on my forehead! 
My christmas baubles...

Apple and cinemon candles and a jar of decorations.

My glass santa! I love how delicate it is.

I have a lot of christmas cards.... 

Our pygmy christmas tree with mini baubles and lights! It's a real tree so we are going to keep it until it grows into a proper sized christmas tree.

The lonely bauble on my bookcase.

Fairy-lights are wrapped around my bed! 

Nelly's bow!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Mayors Gun Control Campaign Video: Demand A Plan to End Gun Violence

Saturday, 22 December 2012

FILM REVIEW: Romeo and Juliet

Baz Lurhmann invites us to the world of Romeo and Juliet with a breath taking introduction. Heart throb Leonardo Di Caprio plays the gorgeous, hopeless romantic, hero of Juliet’s dreams, Romeo. Lurhmann’s Romeo and Juliet would unequivocally blow Shakespeare’s mind in absolute amazement. This tragic love tale will keep you on the edge of your seat wide eyed, mesmerised and desperate to find out about these ‘two star cross’d lovers’.
Lurhmann intentionally plunges you into the modern world where Shakespearian old fashioned English is spoken. Romeo and Juliet isn’t just about love, lust, and infatuation; It is jam packed with action, humour and thrills. This hypnotic film sets you back to your first love; Lurhmann re-encounters and encapsulates the inner feeling of sexual tension and alienation.  This phenomenon will send you on a roller coaster between love, hate, sexual desire and envy. Lurhmann cleverly uses modern media to unscramble and decode the language of Shakespeare. Fire flickers onto the screen to symbolise the violence which contrasts to the religious icons shown in ‘fair Verona were we lay our scene’.

‘Two households both alike in dignity’ is how the news reporter casually commences. She speaks very directly, professionally and monotonously; She shows no emotion in how she speaks. She dresses and looks like an average modern, American woman. However, as soon as she opens her mouth we are mesmerized by the unfamiliar way she speaks. She uses Elizabethan language. Suddenly the camera zooms into the T.V and the news, focussing all our attention on the news reader.

Like a blurb of a book, the news reader gives us the basic plot of the film. She informs us viewers of two wealthy families caught in an ‘ancient’ feud and two lovers who have a tragic ending. We find ourselves intrigued and curious to find out how their misfortune unravels and how this unfortunate story unfolds! 

From the T.V and the comfort of our living room we’re dragged forwards through the T.V into another world entitled ‘fair Verona’ which is ironic- you’d think Verona, being named fair would be a sweet place to live, possibly a small villa with wisteria draping over the door way and acacia climbing up white gates. Wrong! - as it clashes and contrasts with the chaos and madness shown in the city in later scenes. The sun beams off the tall buildings and reflects on the cars stuck in the hustle and bustle of violent Verona. The opening is absolutely amazing, feeding my eyes and ears from a banquet of brilliance! Suddenly chorale music is played. Strings play dramatically, screeching, emphasizing the violence, passion and drama in Verona.  We then hear a voice over in a deep, manly voice. The prologue is repeated with flash images and titles to back up and decode the prologue and its meaning. The use of repetition makes the prologue recognisable and easier to understand. It is accessible and shows passion and force as it is spoken with emotion while fire flashes and flickers randomly onto our screen.

After being dragged through the streets of Verona via aerial shots we see a big statue of Christ in between two immense building with signs of Montague and Capulet suggesting that they live two similar, materialistic lives but on the other hand it shows the division in the city. The statue of Christ is in the middle of these two separate worlds showing that they’re a religious society. In addition the statue’s hands seem to be holding the two blocks apart as though Jesus is keeping them apart to stop the violence. Lurhmann gives us the idea that this ‘grudge’ has been going on for a long time. He successfully shows us a glimpse of the two family trees, showing us pictures of Romeo and Juliet only when they were little suggesting they are not part of this violent society and that they are innocents of this ‘gang war’. The scream of a child signifies the loss of innocence, destroyed by gang violence.

At this point Lurhmann brings in modern media. Newspapers are thrown erratically onto the screen. Bold headlines show that this ‘ancient grudge’ is very much in the public eye and because they are in black and white it shows that it has been going on for a long time. Another example that shows off their fame is ‘a pair of star cross’d lovers take their life’ written in a caption across the screen and the t in take is written in gothic style and resembles a cross, again elevating the action to high drama and emphasizes their unconditional love for each other and that their fate is grave with a mortal ending. Suddenly the dramatically enhanced music plays again adding emphasis to the drama. The characters are introduced like a modern day soap opera using freeze frames but yet again Romeo and Juliet aren’t shown insinuating that they aren’t part of the modern society. The images speed past the screen showing the rush and emphasizing thrill and excitement.

This film has it all! The appeal to a younger audience is apparent with current and contemporary costumes, modern music, drugs, violence and sexual references. The perfect ingredients to cook up a new, modern age version of this unquestionably, most beloved (yet tragic) love story and make it relevant to current teens. Even to this day,-after watching Lurhmann’s Romeo and Juliet round about a hundred times- I still goggle at the T.V wide eyed and mesmerised at the range of vibrant colours and different textures used. The characters wear clothes that are apparent to match their personalities. The Capulet boys dress extravagantly with comical t-shirts, brightly coloured hair and outrages tattoos to match their bubbly, foolish and merry personalities. On the other hand, the Montague boys intrude this humorous scene wearing dark vest, smart trousers and grills. They stand out; everything is bright and colourful yet they are dressed in black. This makes them seem more serious and violent (I find it very hard to imagine the pink haired Capulet shooting someone!) as they are wearing the colour usually used to symbolise death...

Lurhmann’s flamboyant direction pumps energy, excitement and new life into this familiar, much adapted tale. Lurhmann’s adaption to this well-known play made Shakespeare once again cool, fashionable and after watching this spectacular version of the classic love story, Romeo and Juliet, even I am contemplating watching another of his plays!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Off with her hair.

I look at myself in the mirror as I reach for the scissors. My face tear stained, I know what I have to do. Slowly, I lift the sharp scissors towards my pony tail and in one swift sweep I cut my sorrows away. Every snip freeing me from my numbness. At that moment I loathed reality and its' tedious lack of control; It can't be shaped how I wish like clay but instead drags me like a dog on a collar. By cutting my hair that night I freed myself from the worlds tight grip on me.

Love O

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My first Vlogmas

Merry Chrimbo everyone!
What do I want for christmas?
What have I bought this season?
Watch and find out!
Lots of love during this festive season
O x

Saturday, 15 December 2012

FASHION: Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale

Jocelyn feather dress

Topshop party dress

Playful promise
$120 -

$21 -

Brian Atwood high heels

Cross jewelry

Leather Body Spine
$595 -

Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Blast From The Past

I received a message. Well, a few to be precise. From whom? Someone who, to me seems historic now; a part of my past but not the future. Billy. Yes. The ex-boyfriend whom I once I loved. I was completely taken aback by his message, as I ceased contact with him and blocked him from my life over three months ago, so you could call this little message out-of-the-blue... As much as I miss the fun moments we shared I could never go back even onto 'talking terms' with him. Could you be friends with someone who was the cause of so much pain? I don't want to go back there, into the web of lies and deceit. Maybe one day I will be, but for now I'm far too happy in my little bubble to have it burst.

Love O

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

BEAUTY: How to not look sick

Hey Everyone!
Have been really ill with a flu this week so I though I would take up the opportunity to do a make-up tutorial for anyone who is sick on how to look good so that you feel confident enough to go out!
Love O

Thursday, 6 December 2012

This Winter's Best Buys

As we nearer to Christmas it is gradually getting colder, so keeping entertained by going out becomes harder and for the singletons-such as I- 'snuggle season' can be lonely. Thus, here are a few things that I find are money well spent to keep you set during the winter:

    A scented Candle 

Make your house smell as Christmassy as you feel with a scented candle. I have bought this Yankee candle which smells of Christmas cookie and is luscious other scents I adore at winter are cinnamon and vanilla as they are just simply divine!  

Christmas Jumper

If you are going to buy only one thing this winter, then I advise it be a Christmas jumper- It will keep you warm, on trend and in the Christmas spirit during this festive season! Personally, I think Jack Wills have an excellent range of warm knitted jumpers with beautiful intricate designs however, they can be quite pricey.

Metallic Silver Nail Varnish

I am in LOVE with metallic (as oppose to sparkly) silver nail varnish!!! It's just that it reminds me of silver Christmas decorations and the coldness of the colour reflects the cold weather and adds a winter feel to all my outfits.

A book

After a busy day commuting and doing work in cold weather it's nice to go home and rewind by a toasty warm fireplace and read a book. I prefer to read classics and if you haven't yet I'd advise you should read a few such as Wuthering Heights, The Secret Garden or my favourite Alice in Wonderland! There are also many new books that you could relish such as J K Rowling’s ‘The Casual Vacancy’ which had high hopes and many more. A cookery book could also be bought for yourself or as a Christmas gift so that you can cook up the best Christmas feast yet!

An advent calendar

If you haven't bought one yet then I'd run and get one before they run out! You may ask ‘what is the point in an advent calendar?’ To keep the chocolate cravings at bay in small daily doses, whilst anticipating the arrival of Christmas day- Of course! Being quite childish, I always get a cartoon character on the cover of my advent calendar and this year I went for hello kitty! Boy bands are also popular.

Love O