Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Best Ways To Unwind

Light a Candle

My favourite candle at the moment is this Yankee Candle in Snowflake Cookie. It is literally the best thing I have ever smelt!! (apart from freshly cut grass in the summer of course) I have been lighting it almost every night before I go to bed, the sweet scent makes me feel really relaxed and cosy, making me drift off within minutes. The jar is so big that it takes forever to finish, wish is always a plus! Also, being pink and in a cute glass jar makes it the perfect decoration for any surface. I love turning off all the lights and lighting a few candle, it makes for such a romantic and calm atmosphere. Watching the flame flicker as you slowly drift off. And whats great about Yankee candles (and many others) is that it comes with a lid, so before you fall asleep just pop it back on the candle, so your room doesn't smell of smoke, which is definitely not relaxing.

Fairy Lights Work Wonders

I'm not sure what it is about fairy lights, but they instantly make a room more relaxing. I like to turn my fairy light on before I go to bed instead of my side light because I find that they are much dimmer and therefore don't keep me awake. They are also super cute and make your room look like it's come from Pinterest! 

Put a Face Mask on

This is not only really good for your skin but it's also very calming. The cold product being massaged onto your skin and then waiting ten minutes for it to dry, certainly helps me unwind. I've been loving the REN glycolactic radiance renewal mask, recently which I was given by a friend to test out. It smells so good and made my skin feel amazing!! It's quite a potent product and after you gently wipe it off, you can seriously feel your skin tingling as the product works its magic. Needless to say, I can't stop touching my now-super-smooth face!

Listen To Natural Sounds or Relaxing Music

My go to place, if I'm having a stressed out day or feeling anxious and finding it hard to sleep, is And I promise you, I haven't been paid to see that!! It is just the best thing ever invented! Ever. What's so great is it's diversity. You can play it on your laptop as I am now, or you can download the app for free and play it on your phone. What's even better is you can play it wherever you are, whenever you need a bit of calm in your life and no one knows. Just sit back and pop your headphones in. You can choose which sound best suits you and makes you relaxed. I don't find the relaxing music at all relaxing because I studied music, so I just end up analyzing it. But I love, love, love the sounds of nature. My favourite sounds are the rain, the meadow, the waves and the rainforest. These make me fall asleep in 5. Another amazing feature which I use often is the guided meditation which you can set for as long or short as you like starting from 2 minutes. 

Write a To-Do List

A lot of the time when you are feeling stressed is because you feel like you have a lot of pressure on you and a lot of things to do but not enough time. Modern life can be very stressful, we are surrounded by technologies and high expectations. Sometimes your brain just needs a rest to unwind. So before you go to bed or watch your favourite film, get your diary out and write yourself a to-do. Seeing what you have to do on paper, helps make everything visually clearer because you're not trying to sort it all out in your head, among worrying about all the other daily hassles we encounter. By doing a list of what you have to do, you can sort it into days and times you are free to do them and then tick them off when they're done. This means you're brain can unwind and now so can you. No more staying up late at night, worrying about your workload or things you may have forgotten to do.

I love that these lights look like little diamonds! A sure way to add a little glamour to your room.

These headphones are the best things ever!
I still love the Superdrug face masks and at around £1 each, they're a bargain!

What gets you relaxed?
Love O


  1. All of those things sound delightful and relaxing. I really should try treating myself to some or most of these. Writing smaller to-do lists and getting things done a little at a time might help too in addition to having everything written out that needs doing. I find reading blogs relaxing too. The skin care, a relaxing bath or shower and music all sound good.

  2. I try to do these most evenings! :)

  3. I do love to sit in bed with the fairy lights on, a big mug of tea and a nice candle burning. All my top tips for relaxing here :)

    1. I was going to put hot chocolate in the list actually! But then I thought the sugar might have the opposite effect and make some people hyper! >.<

  4. I love lighting a gorgeous yankee candle and putting on a face mask. So relaxing!

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs xxx


  5. I’m in love with your blog! It was so interesting to read your posts and also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos!
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    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Aw thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoy it! Will check it out