Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Things I Did This Year

My last post of 2014!!! Looking at a list I published of ten things I wanted to do this year, as the year is coming to an end I wanted to see which ones I actually did and what other things I did too.

I ate healthy all of spring, summer and autumn... Christmas hasn't be so good...

I've actually managed to do a little bit of yoga on the odd day where I have a bit of extra time.

I've been pretty good in terms of socializing! Well I think I have anyways! I spent most of summer hanging out with friends and made a BFF at uni that I like hanging out with in between classes, instead of going on the computer.

Since the summer I've been drinking a minimum of around 2 liters a day! Which is amazing! It makes me feel so much better, I haven't really been braking out and I've been much less bloated! 

I've started learning Spanish which is really exciting! Hola!

This year I went to Paris, Malta, Italy and Las Vegas. This was also my first time in America. Seeing the world has been the BEST! I would recommend saving for a holiday over clothes to anyone! Seriously. Malta was so beautiful, I went: snorkeling and saw fish, on a cruise, jumped off the cruise ship, ate shark and emerged myself in another culture! I also got my hair braided for the first time! I wasn't allowed to as a child... 

I've been doing things that make me happy by leaving things (and people) that make me unhappy. I was inspired by a video made by Tyrese Gibson and you can watch it here!

I dyed my hair bright red, which I was a little scared of but thought, fuck it, and  I LOVED it!

I got a job! Watch my interview tips I filmed! I really wanted a job this year to fund travelling, clothes,
meals and just to enjoy myself without being dependent on anyone.

You guys decided to read my blog over 20,000 times! WHAT is this?!
~ it's so nice to know that people are actually reading what I'm writing.

I went to a festival, it wasn't anything massive but it was called Zoo Project in Leicester (somewhere in Britain) and it was the first festival I have ever been too! I won two tickets from a raffle at my uni which was free to enter so I thought, why not? I went with my boyfriend and we really enjoyed it. Although, we are both hygiene freaks so hated not being able to shower. We really wanted to go camping and we love to party, but we got a bit bored during the day, so we drove over to Nottingham for a little day trip (I went there for a cheer comp before and loved it).

I tried fro-yo for the first time! It was AMAZING!

I threw a non-birthday party for my boyfriend Arun, including presents, a party and cake... Because, why not?! Arun and I discovered our favourite restaurant Joe's Southern Kitchen in Covent Garden, Their specials and the coq of the week are always ones to look out for!


Love O


  1. I love this post! Such a good idea :) Im tempted to do one myself haha xx

    1. Aw thanks so much! I'm glad you got inspired xo