Monday, 22 December 2014

5 Ways To Save The Planet This Christmas

1) Re-gift.

Instead of throwing your presents away, think about whether it could serve someone else well. Remember, one mans trash is another mans treasure! Otherwise just pop over to your local charity shop, they'll definitely be grateful for it!

2) Ditch Iceland 

Instead of getting your turkey and all your other festive dishes from the supermarket, try to get locally sourced food. This is good for your local economy and farmers, and is also good because it reduces food miles and your carbon footprint.

3) Plant a Tree

Instead of buying a fake Christmas tree or cutting one down, which are both bad for the environment, why don't you plant one? If you plant a special Christmas tree with your family in a little pot, you can keep it for years to come. When it grows out of the pot, you can plant it in your garden and watch it continue to grow. You could also make natural decorations for your tree, for example, pine cones look and smell great.

4) Turn the lights off

Don't leave your Christmas lights on 24/7. Simply turn them off when you leave the room or only turn them on when you have guests over, to save electricity. 

5) Waste not Want not

Never throw away you left over Christmas food! Turkey and stuffing makes a great sandwich (check out my recipe here) and you could use the vegetables and potatoes to make a shepherds pie! If you have a pet, I'm sure they'd appreciate a bit of nice meat for a change, otherwise put it in the compost and it'll do wonders for your plants.

Love O

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  1. All five of these ideas are excellent. Around where I live I've found that, although they can be heavy to move, live balled Blue Spruce trees make excellent Christmas trees, tending to survive and grow well if one keeps ice around the ball of the tree in the bucket for water and to keep the tree dormant, having made sure to dig a hole outside to plant it in before the ground gets too frozen. Giving away some of my over-abundance of unused accumulated things would be a good idea as well. I love eating leftover veggies too.