Wednesday, 10 December 2014

HAUL: My Favourite Things Bought From Las Vegas

Here are my favourite things from from Vegas that I bought. I'm a big fan of lots of little things instead of big things. I'm not sure why, but I always have. I'm obsessed with all these cute little things that I bought and use pretty much daily! I think the socks are adorable and this is the first Wet n Wild eye trio I have tried, but oh my god I can't get enough! The Victoria secret eau de parfum's are amazing too!! Oh and my favourite Bath & Body works hand santizer is snow man pop. It is literally a tub of Christmas! They frickin need to bring it to the UK.

I bought so much more and a couple of other things that I LOVE, but you shall have to wait for the Vlog to see those.  Mwahaha! ;) 

Where everything shown is from:

Socks: Forever 21
Perfumes: Victoria's Secret
Nail varnish: Sally Hansen
The Simpsons eyeshadow palette (Marge's Extra Ingredient's Quad): Mac
3 smaller eyeshadow palettes: Wet n Wild
Hand Sanitzers: Bath & Body Works
Baby lips: Maybelline
Purse: Guess

Love O

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