Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Urban Decay: Naked

I feel like I am literally, the last person in the beauty world to buy it. But finally, the Urban Decay Naked Palette is mine!! I am literally obsessed with my new beauty purchase; I have wanted to buy it for around a year or two, but have always had negative thoughts like "is it really worth that much?" Yes. Yes it bloody well is! I am so glad that I finally caved in and bought it and in the week I've had it, I've been using it nearly everyday! It's just perfect for any look: Natural, girly, classy and sexy! It has such a variety of basic shades, that you can create any look. I have been super sad and Youtubing tutorials with it... If you want, comment down below and I'll post my favourite make up looks using it.

The Shades:

Half Baked
(In order from left to right)

I'm sorry this photo really doesn't do these shadows justice! Also, I didn't edit the photos where you can see the shadow, so you can see the exact colour (or as close to as possible) of each shade. It was hard to focus on all the shades in this shot at this distance, so I took close ups of the colours in sets of fours.

My favourite shades: 

♥ Sin
♥ Sidecar
♥ Smog
♥ Toasted
♥ Gunmetal


♥ Buck is a great shade for your eyebrows, if like me, they only need lightly filling in.

Halfbaked is stunning, however, it doesn't pick up as amazingly (for me) on your eyelids as it does when you swab it on your fingers. I suggest a primer, if you want the gold to really show. Otherwise, it lovely when blended with other shades.

Virgin is an excellent highlighter. Use it the inner corners, brow bone and the center of your eyelid, for beautiful eyes that pop!

The other Nakeds

Although, for a minute I did toy with the idea of getting the second palette, I just adored every shade in the first one so much more. (not that I'm saying the second one isn't also fabulous, it is.) The third one on the other hand, is much more pink based- which is great if you have brown eyes, as the colours compliment each other perfectly, but for my blue-eyed-self, I wasn't too keen. The packaging however, on the second and third palette feels so much sturdier than the first one- so if you will be travelling with your palette (which I won't be) then bare that in mind. Naked 1 is a little flimsy and feels like a carpet more than a case, yet at the same time I love that because it makes it feels a little more luxurious than a normal plastic or metal case. But as I said, mine will be sitting at home so it won't need as hard a case as a make-up artist's would for example. 

Have you got the palette? Which is your favourite shade? And if you haven't yet got it... Go go go!!! 

Love O

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

My 20th Birthday

Hi guys!

This is a picture heavy post just on what I did for my 20th birthday, or as I like to call it, my birthday week-end. (or better still birthday month! ha!) 

So my actual day of birth was the Sunday, so the celebrations started on the Friday, with some shots in my bedroom with 'the gang'. Arun and I were joined by our favourite couple to hang out with (picture below) to do shots at mine, for pre-drinks, in the form of tick-tack-toe. Or tick-tack-shot as the game is called. We then made our way to the club, Picadilly Institute, where we had a few snacks as we hadn't eaten and danced the night away, along side being chatting up by old creeps. Standard. As Arun kindly reserved the table, we got this awesome bottle of champagne which was on fire! 

The following day, I was pleased not to wake up with a hangover, not that I really drank that much. So as planned, my mum and I went for a girly day out of shopping and lunch in Clapham. As I was suffering a bit of a cold we went for an Indian. (always does the trick!) I'm not going to lie, I can't even remember the names of the dishes we got and I won't try to write it out, because I will definitely get it so wrong! But I basically got a lamb based curry and my mum got a fish based one. Because it was my birthday they even gave me free ice cream in the flavours mango, ginger and raspberry which were so yummy and tastes more like sorbets. 

Finally, it was my actual birthday-day! I'd like to say I woke up, my new 20 year old-self, feeling wiser, more independent and mature, ready to tackle the adult world... But I feel the exact same I did when I was 19. Anyway, mum made me brunch, which is one of my favourite things in the world, because like afternoon tea, it actually makes eating little cakes alongside savory food normal! We had champagne, salmon, cray fish (If you can't tell I'm a big seafood fan), cream cheese, warm baguette and much more, with a cake to end all cakes!

Brunch was great, but shopping in Chelsea was even better! This was my first time here so I dressed all flashy, with a black kitten bow blouse, polka dotted skirt and knee-high boots. I accessorized with an MK bag (birthday present from Arun,what a babe!) and my biggest, fluffiest coat! The afternoon went smoothly, shopping the day away. we looked around lots but didn't actually buy much. I haven't been in the mood for a shopping splurge since Christmas really. I bought a cute dress on sale from Zara (pictured below) and Arun bought me black with a white stripe, leggings from Calzedonia while I was in the changing room- how sweet?! We went into so many shops but because it was a Sunday, they all shut early, and by this point my feet were killing me, so we went into a lovely pub and had whine whilst chatting away for about an hour. Arun then took me to dinner at Big Easy, because I've wanted to go for-literally-ever! We got started by demolishing our starters in seconds. They were so amazing and we were so hungry that I actually forgot to take a photo and I can't remember what we ate! But for mains, I had the lobster bake and Arun had the BBQ chicken and ribs. It was DELICIOUS!!! I would 100% go again! Tomorrow even if anyone is offering... 

Anways, I'm ending my post here before it becomes an essay, I hope it gave you ideas for what to do for your birthday, or you simply enjoyed reading it!

Love O

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My Lazy Day Routine

Hey guys!
It's been a while! I had a little break because it was my birthday last week and I started uni again this week so I wanted to have a little 'me-time'. But I'm back! I have cold at the moment (for the millionth time this month already!) so I filmed a lazy day routine, as that was what I was doing yesterday... Soooo Yeah! I hope you all enjoy it, it's only a short little video because I wanted to keep it fun and simple!

Enjoy O