Monday, 19 August 2013

Warner bros studio tour London (Harry Potter Land)

This Saturday I entered the fascinated wizarding world of Harry Potter, where as promised, secrets were revealed. Through the grand entrance my boyfriend Arun, and I walked through the great hall which to my amazing was an exact replica of the the ones you see in the films!
Before I drone at you on how amazing the tour was, I'm just going to mention that I wont be able to describe the whole experience, as there was so much there that it would take days to write. However, I will write about the parts that for me stood out on the tour which lasted around 3 hours.

The tour allows you to see all the costumes and sets of the characters such as the Weasleys' home and Dumbeldores authentic robe. Umbridges set was my favourite as it is as cute as in the film, with a wall full of plates with pretty little kittens and everything pretty in pink. Her charming costumes where also displayed.

In addition, the tour wasn't short of the thousand of props used in the series of films. From the door of the chamber of secret and all the characters wands to the gryffindor entrance painting. The props were all so real and intricately designed to perfection.

When you go outside you'll reach the nightbus, where like we did, you can buy a butterbeer just like the ones Harry buys in Hogsmeade!! It tasted like an Irn bru with caramel and cream which to my surprise was delicous! Although it came at quite a hefty price, we got to keep our mug as a souvenir! I will most definitely be drinking hot chocolate this Christmas out of my butterbeer mug!! An amazing replica of Privet drive with the street and 2 houses can also be seen here whilst enjoying your drink and other refreshments alongside Godric's Hollow. These life size sets allow you to submerge into the life of Harry Potter and make the experience all the more realistic.

We then walked through the very realistic Hogwarts bridge (which Neville Longbottom famously runs down as it burns) into the next building in which we were shown how the goblins masks were made to look so real! Along side this there were many other character made from wax such as dobby, the much loved house elf, Hermoine and Hagrid. Also shown, were monster books, a Mandrake plant which cried like in the movie and a robotic Hedwig!

Walking through the Diagon alley set I was amazed, at how the set is exactly like how it is shown in the film- except with railings to protect each building- with well-known shops such as Honeydukes and Olivanders. Honeydukes even had the extremely large man (which looks like both Fred and George) holding his hat as shown in the film so seeing it in reality was so magical! I absolutely loved walking down this famous street because of how real it felt! Unfortunately the lighting wasn't great and so, this picture really doesn't do it justice!

Finally, you walk through Olivanders into the gift shop which for me was my favourite part! I loved the gift shop because you can try on all the Gryffindor robes like a true Hogwarts student and you can look at all the characters wand and play around with them.. Or in my case, pretend to do an unforgivable curse on my boyfriend. The shop is also abundant with things to buy from the film such as the chocolate frog (which I bought), bertie botts every flavour beans, horcruxes and Hermoine's time turner which my boyfriend bought for me. All in all, it was a lovely experience and I would definitely recommend a Harry Potter fan or anyone looking for a memorable day out to take a visit to theWarner bros studio tour London. If you're planning to go on the tour then I hope you have as much fun as I did and find the experience equally as magical!

Love O

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