Thursday, 21 June 2012

On the rocks.

This is a messy post and will consist of bitty information.

My life has been so chaotic this last week due to my internet crashing! This meant I could not check out university opening times, do my homework or blog! What-a-mess.

Book Review
The Knitting Circle- If you like death then this is the book for you. The book was like reading those depressing magazines where everyone is raped or dies. The book consists of a group of women who knit to ease their problems. They all have a story, a drama, of rape, death, illnesses and love. The main characters daughter dies, as does her best friend and then her husband leaves her. Although, the ending is uplifting as they get back together. All-in-all, the book was a tear-jerker that I would not recommend to the light-hearted or anyone on the verge of suicide as this will drive them to their death! Otherwise, enjoy!

Just for a ramble
I'm always seeing TV programs discussing the sexualisation of children such as 'Stop pimping our kids' but always thought they were being melodramatic. However, I was out-and-about and saw a ten year old with fake nails, a leapord print handbag and a blackberry! I mean, common! I don't even own a blackberry yet... I must say though, If I had the money, I'd be an Iphone girl! Also, I would like to make a complaint. To all those who decide it's cool to smoke on buses: DON'T. It is selfish and disgusting and completely unfair for others on the bus who a) don’t smoke and b) are ASTHMATIC!

Film Review
Prometheus. I'm tired so I'm just going to cut to the crap. Well, the effects, especially in 3d and at the IMAX were amazing! However, there were parts to the film I thought were pointless to the plot such as the intro which I still don't understand. Also, I didn't think the plot was very strong and so, the film relied too heavily on its special effects. Although I feel that the special effects were too detailed in parts of the film that were gruesome especially when Ellie was giving herself a cesarean *Cringe*...

Love O

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Hey, Internet keeps crashing so this is going to be quick..
Things to watch out for: The girl with 90% burns- A truly inspirational documentary about a girl who suffered 90% burns after her mother left a cigarette in her room. She still lives and is studying and living as normally as any other child. What a beautiful girl, we should take inspiration in how she lives her life and doesn't use her burns as a way to hide behind the crowd and live in a nutshell but to live life to the fullest.
Having a blast now that exams are over. Have finally been able to catch up on my muchly missed soaps and dramas.

Love O 

Monday, 11 June 2012

First day back

Back to school... what a drag. I'm sure most teens have done this. As I stayed up until after midnight every night during the holiday and then woke late every morning. Hence, I was completely unprepared and not ready for the early waking of school time and had to wake at 7 instead of my usual 9! Groggily I had Richmond sausages for breakfast whilst contemplating what to wear when I looked out the window to see this! Buckets and buckets of rain! I mean, the weather is changing so fast its beginning to give me whiplash.. 2 weeks of torrential rain then a week of drought and now rain again. Common, it's supposed to be blooming June for crying out loud!!
So, the weather acted as a pathetic fallacy for my groggy mood today.
Luckily, in French we watched a movie which requires little attention or concentration on my part so I managed to drift away into my own thoughts and relax for a good hour.. Also, unlike usual there was little work other than an introduction to the A2 course in Geography.
The worst part of my day? Homework. And LOTS of it too. On top of the homework given today I have yet to finish a 4 paged essay for Media.. where to begin? The weather is so rubbish, all I want to do is curl up and watch a movie or finish reading 'The knitting Circle' which I highly recommend! It's about grieve, loss and knitting and is full of drama! The only problem is it has a lot of characters so it's hard to remember what they all look like.. Will probably do a review once I have finished it. Am also thinking of uploading fashion pictures of me and my outfits on weekends..

Love O

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

FILM REVIEW: Snow White and The Huntsman

               Snow White and The Huntsman

Far from what I expected however, still true to the original tale.  'Snow White and the Huntsman' was thrilling to watch and encapsulated me into the dark land ruled by the cruel queen. Charlize Theron preformed spectacularly and was every inch believable as spiteful and envious. Theron managed also, to make the audience sympathetic with her character, as she showed her vulnerable side and hinted she was once heartbroken giving her a more human quality.
In twilight, I always perceived Kristen Stewart detached as an actress and therefore found it hard to connect with her character as Bella Swan. Hence, I was unsure why she was cast as Snow White as I didn't think she would fit the role however, on the contrary to my assumptions Stewart was promising throughout her performance and showed a variety of emotions from anger and betrayal to love. However, she led me to confusion as to whether she loved the Huntsman or William...

In this film I could really appreciate the mise-en-scene as everything was dramatic: The queens crown was sharp like thorns, the forbidden forest was abundant with mystical creatures and plants that were beautiful but yet dark and mysterious and the costumes.. Oh, the beauty of the dresses worn by Theron!-Regal, sophisticated, sexy and yet still elegant.

Finally, the only criticism I have is that it is unclear why Snow White was kept locked up in the tower and not killed in the begging of the film as at the time according to the mirror the queen was the 'fairest in the land'.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

First weekend of freedom.

What a day!
You know how good your day is going to be, when it starts with your new bag arriving in the post. Welcome home! But, this is only the beginning, to my magical day...

My wonderful boyfriend (Billy) took me out for Chinese at this cute restaurant called Won Kei's, I decided to have the seafood chow mien and he had pork belly and rice, however due to me being greedy (as-per-usual) I ended up eating most of his as well as my own! The food was delicious and that's not even the best part... It came to a total of only £10.60! This is why I LOVE china town! Amazing food at such an amazing price- It's a win, win, situation really.

Then, as If I wasn't spoiled enough, Billy grabbed me by the arm and pulled me running across roads, through traffic and parks to take me to my 'surprise'! The adrenaline rush was immense at this moment, as I turned to see that Billy had taken me to a vintage flee market filled with amazing little trinkets, handmade jewelry, bags, candles, hippy clothes, incense...aaahhhh, I died and went to hippie heaven!
Billeth, (you'll soon learn to know that Billy -his real name is William- has many nicknames) then took my through Covent Garden to the river Thames where I met a sphinx- I was not tripping- for a brief period I forgot the world around me, being so intrigued by the giant statue. This is probably the closest I will ever get to the real thing!

Although nearly impossible, the day gets better; we then went to cybercandy where I can regress to being a child! I don't know what's more exciting, the fact they sell duff beer from the bloody Simpsons or that they sell Willy Wonka sweats including the gob-stopper!!!

The evening came to an end with family friends eating over and having a classic, old gossip.

I've left the best, most brilliant part of my day last, it's been the first weekend I've had since last September where I've had absolutely no homework to do! Ahh, the bliss of laziness was most definitely worth the exam stress!

Love O

Pictures of my day in London

 Crispy Pork Belly 

Sea food chow mien YUMMM! 

Me and the Sphinx 

Cute British Lollies being sold at the flee market

Flags in honor of the Queens jubilee!

Friday, 1 June 2012

In the beginning.

My first blog, well should I start with an introduction? I'm not interesting. Well, I am... a bit.
This will be my diary, my life, for the world to peek into. You will find through reading this that I'm not normal, I'm dishevelled, wacky, opinionated and sometimes a bit of a bimbo. However, with-all-does (does anyone even know what that means?!) Enjoy.

Love O