Saturday, 2 June 2012

First weekend of freedom.

What a day!
You know how good your day is going to be, when it starts with your new bag arriving in the post. Welcome home! But, this is only the beginning, to my magical day...

My wonderful boyfriend (Billy) took me out for Chinese at this cute restaurant called Won Kei's, I decided to have the seafood chow mien and he had pork belly and rice, however due to me being greedy (as-per-usual) I ended up eating most of his as well as my own! The food was delicious and that's not even the best part... It came to a total of only £10.60! This is why I LOVE china town! Amazing food at such an amazing price- It's a win, win, situation really.

Then, as If I wasn't spoiled enough, Billy grabbed me by the arm and pulled me running across roads, through traffic and parks to take me to my 'surprise'! The adrenaline rush was immense at this moment, as I turned to see that Billy had taken me to a vintage flee market filled with amazing little trinkets, handmade jewelry, bags, candles, hippy clothes, incense...aaahhhh, I died and went to hippie heaven!
Billeth, (you'll soon learn to know that Billy -his real name is William- has many nicknames) then took my through Covent Garden to the river Thames where I met a sphinx- I was not tripping- for a brief period I forgot the world around me, being so intrigued by the giant statue. This is probably the closest I will ever get to the real thing!

Although nearly impossible, the day gets better; we then went to cybercandy where I can regress to being a child! I don't know what's more exciting, the fact they sell duff beer from the bloody Simpsons or that they sell Willy Wonka sweats including the gob-stopper!!!

The evening came to an end with family friends eating over and having a classic, old gossip.

I've left the best, most brilliant part of my day last, it's been the first weekend I've had since last September where I've had absolutely no homework to do! Ahh, the bliss of laziness was most definitely worth the exam stress!

Love O

Pictures of my day in London

 Crispy Pork Belly 

Sea food chow mien YUMMM! 

Me and the Sphinx 

Cute British Lollies being sold at the flee market

Flags in honor of the Queens jubilee!

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