Tuesday, 5 June 2012

FILM REVIEW: Snow White and The Huntsman

               Snow White and The Huntsman

Far from what I expected however, still true to the original tale.  'Snow White and the Huntsman' was thrilling to watch and encapsulated me into the dark land ruled by the cruel queen. Charlize Theron preformed spectacularly and was every inch believable as spiteful and envious. Theron managed also, to make the audience sympathetic with her character, as she showed her vulnerable side and hinted she was once heartbroken giving her a more human quality.
In twilight, I always perceived Kristen Stewart detached as an actress and therefore found it hard to connect with her character as Bella Swan. Hence, I was unsure why she was cast as Snow White as I didn't think she would fit the role however, on the contrary to my assumptions Stewart was promising throughout her performance and showed a variety of emotions from anger and betrayal to love. However, she led me to confusion as to whether she loved the Huntsman or William...

In this film I could really appreciate the mise-en-scene as everything was dramatic: The queens crown was sharp like thorns, the forbidden forest was abundant with mystical creatures and plants that were beautiful but yet dark and mysterious and the costumes.. Oh, the beauty of the dresses worn by Theron!-Regal, sophisticated, sexy and yet still elegant.

Finally, the only criticism I have is that it is unclear why Snow White was kept locked up in the tower and not killed in the begging of the film as at the time according to the mirror the queen was the 'fairest in the land'.

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