Monday, 11 June 2012

First day back

Back to school... what a drag. I'm sure most teens have done this. As I stayed up until after midnight every night during the holiday and then woke late every morning. Hence, I was completely unprepared and not ready for the early waking of school time and had to wake at 7 instead of my usual 9! Groggily I had Richmond sausages for breakfast whilst contemplating what to wear when I looked out the window to see this! Buckets and buckets of rain! I mean, the weather is changing so fast its beginning to give me whiplash.. 2 weeks of torrential rain then a week of drought and now rain again. Common, it's supposed to be blooming June for crying out loud!!
So, the weather acted as a pathetic fallacy for my groggy mood today.
Luckily, in French we watched a movie which requires little attention or concentration on my part so I managed to drift away into my own thoughts and relax for a good hour.. Also, unlike usual there was little work other than an introduction to the A2 course in Geography.
The worst part of my day? Homework. And LOTS of it too. On top of the homework given today I have yet to finish a 4 paged essay for Media.. where to begin? The weather is so rubbish, all I want to do is curl up and watch a movie or finish reading 'The knitting Circle' which I highly recommend! It's about grieve, loss and knitting and is full of drama! The only problem is it has a lot of characters so it's hard to remember what they all look like.. Will probably do a review once I have finished it. Am also thinking of uploading fashion pictures of me and my outfits on weekends..

Love O

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