Thursday, 21 June 2012

On the rocks.

This is a messy post and will consist of bitty information.

My life has been so chaotic this last week due to my internet crashing! This meant I could not check out university opening times, do my homework or blog! What-a-mess.

Book Review
The Knitting Circle- If you like death then this is the book for you. The book was like reading those depressing magazines where everyone is raped or dies. The book consists of a group of women who knit to ease their problems. They all have a story, a drama, of rape, death, illnesses and love. The main characters daughter dies, as does her best friend and then her husband leaves her. Although, the ending is uplifting as they get back together. All-in-all, the book was a tear-jerker that I would not recommend to the light-hearted or anyone on the verge of suicide as this will drive them to their death! Otherwise, enjoy!

Just for a ramble
I'm always seeing TV programs discussing the sexualisation of children such as 'Stop pimping our kids' but always thought they were being melodramatic. However, I was out-and-about and saw a ten year old with fake nails, a leapord print handbag and a blackberry! I mean, common! I don't even own a blackberry yet... I must say though, If I had the money, I'd be an Iphone girl! Also, I would like to make a complaint. To all those who decide it's cool to smoke on buses: DON'T. It is selfish and disgusting and completely unfair for others on the bus who a) don’t smoke and b) are ASTHMATIC!

Film Review
Prometheus. I'm tired so I'm just going to cut to the crap. Well, the effects, especially in 3d and at the IMAX were amazing! However, there were parts to the film I thought were pointless to the plot such as the intro which I still don't understand. Also, I didn't think the plot was very strong and so, the film relied too heavily on its special effects. Although I feel that the special effects were too detailed in parts of the film that were gruesome especially when Ellie was giving herself a cesarean *Cringe*...

Love O

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