Monday, 25 March 2013

FASHION: How To Wear Jeans

This is a great summer look and can be so versatile! You can go for the clean-cut mini and  pair of elegant, strappy heels for a more sophisticated  but 'party-girl' take on the look, black knee-high boots and a plain shirt with a blazer for the chic minimalist look or a pair of brown, slightly battered boots with a worn and torn denim skirt and a biker leather jacket for the ultimate 'on the road' look.

Lindsay Lohan boyfriend jeans
No-one wears boyfriend jeans better than Lindsey Lohan! The key item to this look is a pair of really cute heels that will make any baggy pair of boyfriend jeans look super girly! Rolling up the hem of your boyfriend jeans lets you flash your slim ankles to make you look slimmer so that the jeans don't drown your figure! This outfit is easy to dress up with lots of accessories and any shirt that tickles your fancy!
Bell bottoms are back in full swing! AnnaLynne McCord aims to elongate her figure with lengthy pants and sky high heels.

Annalynne McCord shows exactly how jeans should be worn to work! Boot-leg jeans are so smart when teamed with a collared shirt and simple accessories. Reminiscing over the 60's one could even go with boot-leg jeans for a super sexy every day look! These jeans elongate legs so much that even a sausage dog could wear jeans and look like a grey hound... Dry hair upside-down and straighten tips then backcomb roots for a sexy volumized hair along side smokey eyeshadow for a casual day take on a classic 60's party look.

I absoloutly love, love, love ripped jeans! They give anything a summer-boho look. I love to wear my ripped jeans with brown studded leather booties and a loose t-shirt with tribal pendants.

Kristen Stewart is famous for her love of jeans, unless on the red carpet she will always be found wearing a pair. Kristen's typical look is a casual t-shirt with converses. Add a pair of Ray-Bans' and a band t-shirt (I'm looking for a 'The Doors shirt') with a leather jacket and you're ready to rock and roll!!!

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