Friday, 15 March 2013

FASHION: Wet Weather Outfit

Today was a very casual day where I just did a few errand and went to the gym so I wore a very casual outfit. Although it's spring, here in Britain the weather seems to have bipolar and hence it's been terribly cold, rainy, and windy all day so I went with an autumn style outfit today to keep me toasty warm!

What I love about this look is that it's so comfortable and casual yet classy and fashionable. You could get away with wearing something like this pretty much anywhere from work to doing your shopping! I used layering simple staple items with accessories of different textures to add dynamics and interest to my look.

I went with a bit of an animal theme... I mean, who doesn't love animals, right?! I wore my much-loved fox hat, which also looks a bit like a raccoon )River Island) , a furry scarf which is made of a series of fur balls-and looks a bit like a grey squirrel's tale-and a very cute cat ring (Topshop). I also love the clash of textures between the smooth fur scarf against the old and slightly matted woolly hat as it creates personality and a bit of quirkiness.

I topped my look off with a brown vintage satchel and my mod leather jacket to increase the contrast- I like to go for a granny meets rock chic look. I also layered with a light brown waterfall cardigan underneath for warmth. I love the cut of this cardi as it hangs just slightly below my jacket and goes with everything I wear. I also love the waterfall feature as it modernizes any simple outfit taking it from boring to chic in seconds!

When I took my scarf off you could see my tribal statement necklace (Topshop). I just added this on for extra unnecessary glamour... At least my necklace made one thing about today bright! My cat ring (Topshop, below) which I wear all the time because I love cats; I am the crazy lady with the cats.

Lots of Love
O x

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