Tuesday, 15 December 2015

I Was A Victim of Domestic Violence.

Hey Guys,

I'm sure you've all noticed that both my YouTube and my blog posts have been either sporadic or non-existent.

I would like to take the time to tell you why.

The last time I made a vlog, I was in my beautiful new bedroom but since then a lot has changed. I wanted to make this a blog post and not a video as some of the things I am about to say are still quite a sensitive subject, so I didn't feel comfortable filming.

I was in a case of domestic abuse and violence- which I won't really go into as I don't feel it is necessary to this post- so I made myself 'homeless' to get out of the horrible situation I was in at home.

I would first like to say that domestic violence, is commonly perceived as violence between a couple which is completely untrue. This can be the case many times, however domestic violence or domestic abuse in itself means violence/ abuse which is happening in your own home. This can be by a parent, sibling or anyone that you are living with.

So no, to answer any questions, Arun (my lovely partner, who I mention so often in my blog and videos) wasn't and has never been violent or abuse towards me. This abuse was from a family member.

It got to the stage where for my own safety, I had to get the police involved and they deemed it unsafe to live where I was living. So, like that I decided to move out of my family home.

By doing this, even though it is unsafe to be at home there isn't much in terms of housing that the council can help with because I have 'made myself homeless'. And as I am a student with a loan, I can't get any kind of benefits to help with rent.

Anyway, I managed to find a lovely little room near my university and the university were really helpful in finding me a suitable living arrangement. The police were also really great at helping me get back on my feet, making sure I was okay and finding me somewhere to live.

My new room is great, but with all the commotion and stress of the situation in addition to being in my final year of uni, I really haven't had the time or heart to blog or film.

In terms of filming, my room has no lighting so it's really hard to find a spot to film at the moment!

And in terms of blogging, the whole stress of the situation on top of all the exams I have had, is just too much.

I will try to blog whenever I can, which until I finish my degree in April may be a little sporadic. It won't be every Wednesday like it was before for a while.

In terms of filming I'm not sure when I will start filming again but from around April next year both my blog and my YouTube channel will be updated again weekly as I will be moving out (hopefully) with my partner and will have finished my degree. So it will be much easier to produce good quality posts and videos for you guys, without the stress I have at the moment.

I'm sorry and I hope you all understand,

Yours O


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your situation and how stressful it must be for you right now. The only thing I can do is tell you that things have a way of working themselves out. Maybe by the end of your academic year you will have the best experiences of your life, maybe because of this you will become that much stronger. I don't know... but I can tell you that something positive will happen to you soon, there will always be a silver lining, so ride it out and never keep your head down :)

  2. That is so great that the university actually got involved and helped you with the room. It can be unnerving to try and do all this yourself, and the smallest act of kindness can really go a long way. The hard part is over for now, you just have to continue to focus on getting stronger to the point the past stays the past.

    Eliseo Weinstein @ JR's Bail Bonds

    1. Hiya Eliseo,
      Yes they were really helpful in getting me back on my feet! They knew I wouldn't have the money to pay for accommodation for a while so they let me live there rent free until I could pay them back for a couple of weeks! A year later and I am now living with my boyfriend in our own little happy place and all that is in the past! Keep up to date with me new posts at 2brunettes.co.uk, I'd love to see you there! Also, I am going to start re-making youtube videos for my youtube channel and will be posting a life update on there soon, so stay tuned!

      Thanks for you kind words xxxx