Tuesday, 29 December 2015

What I Did in 2015!

Here's a list of the things I accomplished in 2015! This list isn't in any kind of order, I have cherished all these moments and accomplishments equally!
For some of you these may be minor things but for me these are what made my year special and in all I can look back on this year with a smile. 

Ps. All these photos were taken from my instagram, where I upload snaps of what has made me happy daily! So head there for your daily dose of inspiration. 

I went for beautiful walks with nature.

At the start of 2015, I made it my ambition to get out more, see the world even if it's just on my doorstep. So that is what I did. Walking is just so great on both your body and your mind, it truly is my medicine and one of my favourite pass-times. I love walking in parks, there's something really relaxing about being surrounded by nature. 

I went to Italy... and climbed a Volcano.

Okay, so I didn't climb to the very top of the volcano... Still, I climbed high enough to get some pretty decent shots of an aerial view of Sicily.

I ate clean (and trained dirty). 

I have always eaten healthy food but I didn't necessarily eat 'clean'. Now that I have my own place and do my own shopping it is much easier to eat clean. I choose the most natural and raw ingredients possible and cook everything from scratch. The process of cooking from scratch is one of my favourite times in the day, you feel so connected with what you are eating and truly understand the ingredients and love that go into making your food. It's so therapeutic and helps meditate your mind, as all you're focus is on the food you are preparing and cooking, all troublesome thoughts slowly slip away. I also started doing cardio alongside, lifting weights which I made a video about that you can watch here. As I've now moved, I'm not as active as I was a few months ago. However, the day will soon come where I am as active as I was and everyday is an oppurtunity to do better and work harder.

I made the best group of friends and actually socialized.

Shoutout to Kayleigh, Lena and Sagal! I am also missing one of my bestest friends, Tanya, who continues to inspire me with her travels around the globe. I have been loving meeting up with my girlfriends for food, drinks and sleepovers. 

I went to London Zoo.

... And saw penguins, meerkats and my favourite animal, ocelots. (They are a wild cat, basically inbetween a leopard and a normal domestic cat, did I mention they are adorable?)

I became a video-journalist.

Last month, I officially became a video-journalist for NUS. Becoming a video-journalist is the job of my dreams and will hopefully open many doors for me. It is an amazing opportunity and allows me to have a job that is also my hobby!

I spent a day in Brighton.

I had been bugging my boyfriend for over 2 years to take me to Brighton and we finally did this Autumn! It was a lovely sunny day so we went to the shops in the center, walked on the beach, went on the pier and played on rides and ate donuts! It was a lovely day that I will forever remember.

I finally upped my make-up game.

Yes, I watched YouTuber tutorials, stalked photos of celebrities made up and bought some good make-up products. Finally, I can say that I'm pretty good at the whole make-up thing! I used to be into natural beauty (which is still great) but now that I've discovered contouring and making your foundation matte, I've turned to the dark side.

I became independent.

I moved house! You can read abut why here, which wasn't a happy moment in my life. But it has led to my complete independance and control over my own lifestyle and happiness. 

I was happy.

My change in lifestyle through eating clean, meditating, becoming more mindful and exercising has made me a much happier and fulfilled person. I wake up full of energy ready to enjoy each day and to cherish lifes simple pleasures.  

Love O

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