Thursday, 12 November 2015

What Your Girlfriend Wants For Christmas

... Or what I really want for Christmas? I have compiled a list for you clueless boyfriends out there, the kind of presents that we females love to receive! I have also conveniently ranked them on order of price, starting from low budget and ending on your more expensive presents. Depending on the stage in your relationship you may want to spend less or splash out. Either way, I love them all and think any girl would be thrilled to receive these.

More Chocolate Than Augustus Gloop Could Eat

Mmmmmmm. I'm a sucker for chocolate. Don't get a bar of chocolate, a tin of Quality Street or a box of Celebration or you will look really tight! Go for something a little more classy, a box of Thornton's or Marc De Champagne truffles are much more romantic, don't cost much more and are far better quality. It just looks like you put in much more effort than if you give her a giant box of Smarties you probably got from your local Tesco Metro.

A Years Subscription To Cosmo

Magazine subscriptions are great because they aren't too pricey and she will love it! Especially if she's quite girly. If she's maybe a little more demure maybe go for Vogue or Elle and if she's got a special interest such as cars, geography, art (etc) then you could find a magazine tailored to her tastes! The best part about this present is she will be reminded of you every month when her magazine comes, so she's getting presents all year around!


MAC, Urban Decay, Benefit, Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Two Faced and NARS are all the brands you want to be looking out for. Try going for an eye shadow palette, or a few different pieces from a new collection. Talk to someone who works in the store, they might be able to give some recommendations based on her hair, eye and skin colour or you may have noticed her eyeing up some products she can't really afford. Otherwise, for bonus points get her something from Dior, Chanel or YSL, it doesn't have to be a lot, maybe a lipstick or lip-gloss but the fact that it's such a luxury item will make it a bit nicer than say an eye-shadow from Bobbi Brown. 

Anything From Victoria's Secret

Literally. It''s not secret that us girls love Victoria's Secret! Just walk in there and pick anything up and she will probably love it! Don't get any underwear if it's been less than half a year to even a year (depending on how comfortable you are together) , that could come across as a bit creepy. I'd suggest some body sprays, lotions, a top, a phone case and maybe even a pyjama set.  Everything in there is targeted for females so just think of the kind of things your girlfriend is like and that could help narrow down the choice. If she's sporty maybe a tracksuit? At worst case, you can never go wrong with a perfume! I particularly like Eau So Sexy and Love is Heavenly.

A Pair of Kicks

Whether she's the belle of the ball or a girl about town, I'm sure you can find a pair of shoes she will love! 

Jimmy Choos or Louboutins or always a safe bet. They are both quite pricey, but she will love you forever! A cheaper option which is great if your girlfriend likes to go on walks/ exercise or is out and about a lot is a pair of trainers. My boyfriend got me a pair of nike air max's last year and I pretty much live in them! Go with a pair of New Balance, Adidas or Nike's, they tend to be the more stylish trainers, yet made for wear. They are much more affordable than a pair of heels and you can find some really nice ones that she could wear on weekends or even on the way to work. Now all you need to do, is figure out which colours and styles she prefers. 

A Bag

... Is the ultimate gift. A lady can keep a handbag literally for life! (If it's well made) Good brands that aren't too pricey (£100-£200) are DKNY and Michael Kors whilst Mulberry and Givenchy (which was really on trend this year) are much more expensive at around a grand! Other beautiful bags are Louis Vuitton and Chloe. The list could go forever, but if you want the ultimate bag? Chanel is your one. Coming in at around £2,500 it's very expensive but it is the bag pretty much all women lust for! Obviously the smaller the bag the less it will cost, so if you're looking for an elegant bag for a dinner then a small Louis Vuitton might be a nice idea and they don't cost too much either. 

Hopefully you got some ideas and now know what you're going to get your girlfriend/wife/friend that's a girl for Christmas!

Love O


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    1. Me too! Maybe tag any boyfriend if he needs a hint ;) xx

  2. Those are some lovely Christmas present ideas. I like the range of possibilities in each of those gift categories.

  3. Hi, i just wanted to ask, when are you going to upload another video on your youtube channel?

    1. Heya! I actually ended up moving houses so I've been really wrapped up with that! But hopefully over christmas time! :)