Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Throwback Tuesday | EBSLondon


I while back I was invited to the European Bartending School London where I was taught how to free pour and do a few cool tricks with a bottle... Alongside drinking a cocktail or three. It was so much fun! I took my friend from university to join me and we had a whale of a time. As well as getting a little too tipsy, I actually learnt how to pour a drink (the professional way) and serve like a pro.

I was greeted by a mojito and then we dived straight into the lessons. In just a few hours, I was taught the basics of free pouring, flare and bar training, serving multiple cocktails in a replica of a bar, just without the customers! If you are looking into actually going to the bartending school, then each of these classes are separate modules and are obviously much more in-depth!

My favourite was fee pouring, which is quite hard to explain but I will try!! Free pouring is a way of serving shots from a bottle and flicking your wrist in a particular way to stop the drink pouring. You use count measures to measure single and double shots, instead of shot glasses and we did this while serving two drinks at a time!

Oh and it's worth mentioning, that liquor 43 they use? WOW! It tastes amazing, if you pass a shop that serves alcohol, definitely give that stuff a try. It will blow your cotton socks off!


I wore a cute, casual yet chic polka dotted top, it was nice and light and quite breathable so I could move my arms around- which believe me, is important when pouring drinks! Don't wear anything that will restrict your arm movement! I kept it casual with jeans and black, wedged ankle boots. I then accessorised with a little black bag (a Primark bargain!), simple gold jewellery and a ditsy Michael Kors belt.


The event took place in central London and was quite hard to find as it was surrounded by other offices. However, the people around were so helpful and as it's on a quiet road most the people I talked to were local and knew the area, so they helped me get to where I needed to be! Once you get in there, the teachers are all really cool and from different places around the world with so much skill and experience. They were really helpful and there was a good amount of teachers to students, so you can ask many questions and get as much help as needed.


Although I was invited to go, (this post wasn't sponsored, I just enjoyed it so much I thought some of you may too) it usually costs from around £150-£1000, depending on the length and type of course you are looking to take. I don't know if this course is necessary in becoming a bartender, however I do know that you will have a lot of fun and learn a lot of new skills with EBS. If you want to give this course a try, click here.

Love O

P.S Some of these photos were taken by the lovely Kay L F over at Life & Style of K L F. You should deffo check her blog out if you have some free time, it's super cute!

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