Tuesday, 9 August 2016

We're Moving!

Hi guys,

It's been a long while and in this time I've been re-thinking ideas for re-generation. Some of my older readers, may have noticed a change in not only my style of writing but a shift from writing personal posts about my life to posts that are more like articles and opinion pieces created to advise you. As I have grown older this blog has become less like a diary and more like a digital magazine.

So, I've teamed up with the blogger behind Corrange in creating a website which will be focused on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. We have spent months discussing colour schemes, layouts and themes to bring you the most personalised experience which reflects our style both in terms of writing and our lifestyle as 20 something-year-old, career driven women in the big city of London.

What does this mean for you? You will receive better quality content, be part of a larger community and receive not only my opinion's but also Corran's! Great eh?!

Our website will be like a mixture of Cosmo, Women's Health and Elle, providing you everything from our diet tips to the best lipstick to go from your office to your date.

Check out our new blog over at: http://2brunettes.co.uk/

I hope to see you there,

Love O

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