Thursday, 6 December 2012

This Winter's Best Buys

As we nearer to Christmas it is gradually getting colder, so keeping entertained by going out becomes harder and for the singletons-such as I- 'snuggle season' can be lonely. Thus, here are a few things that I find are money well spent to keep you set during the winter:

    A scented Candle 

Make your house smell as Christmassy as you feel with a scented candle. I have bought this Yankee candle which smells of Christmas cookie and is luscious other scents I adore at winter are cinnamon and vanilla as they are just simply divine!  

Christmas Jumper

If you are going to buy only one thing this winter, then I advise it be a Christmas jumper- It will keep you warm, on trend and in the Christmas spirit during this festive season! Personally, I think Jack Wills have an excellent range of warm knitted jumpers with beautiful intricate designs however, they can be quite pricey.

Metallic Silver Nail Varnish

I am in LOVE with metallic (as oppose to sparkly) silver nail varnish!!! It's just that it reminds me of silver Christmas decorations and the coldness of the colour reflects the cold weather and adds a winter feel to all my outfits.

A book

After a busy day commuting and doing work in cold weather it's nice to go home and rewind by a toasty warm fireplace and read a book. I prefer to read classics and if you haven't yet I'd advise you should read a few such as Wuthering Heights, The Secret Garden or my favourite Alice in Wonderland! There are also many new books that you could relish such as J K Rowling’s ‘The Casual Vacancy’ which had high hopes and many more. A cookery book could also be bought for yourself or as a Christmas gift so that you can cook up the best Christmas feast yet!

An advent calendar

If you haven't bought one yet then I'd run and get one before they run out! You may ask ‘what is the point in an advent calendar?’ To keep the chocolate cravings at bay in small daily doses, whilst anticipating the arrival of Christmas day- Of course! Being quite childish, I always get a cartoon character on the cover of my advent calendar and this year I went for hello kitty! Boy bands are also popular.

Love O

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