Sunday, 30 December 2012

Away with the fairies...

Human life, how delicate it is. Just one shot to the head, stab to the frail heart or a slit to the wrists and it’s all over. Bang. Just like that. In just one dark minute of our deepest fears and emotions one could take his life to solve all problems. But would problems be solved? Mathematically by eliminating a person from an equation it doesn't solve the problem but only simplify it.
I like to live in my dream world where butterflies aren’t uncommon and fairies and mythical creatures roam my garden… Because my secret is, that I loathe reality. What sense is there to a life of offices and routine? Life without fantasy is plain black and white and as an artist I like to fill the dull painting with bright colours of scarlet and emerald. But truthfully, the painting will never be complete because you see, in this world only a child is allowed to imagine and as an adult one is expected to put all childish things aside and to stop believing in fairies, unicorns and other magical creatures; for in the adult world, they no longer exist.
Thus death would be welcoming and easy; an adventure. Allowing me to submerge, into my dream world forever.

Love O

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