Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My Top 10 Bloggers

the addictive blog awardSo I got nominated for 'The Addictive Blog Award'. Awesome! Firstly I'd like to thank 'A piece of Viola' who nominated me! I've known her since forever but didn't know she had a blog, so that was a lovely surprise! 
For this award, I have to tell you  why I blog (other than the obvious fact that it's the best thing ever) and then nominate ten other blogs that I find addictive. So without hesitation...:)

Why I blog

My blog started off as a diary for my teenager self to write in. As I explained in my first post, it was more of a journal documenting my transition from a teenager to young adult. Emphasizing on that my twitter name was Diary of a Teenager. I would write weekly diary entries of what I had been up to. However, as I find myself turning 20 soon, I decided in the summer I wanted to change my blog name and re-brand myself. Although I am still the girly, flirty and childish girl I will always be, because that's just me, but I wanted this platform to be more of a magazine, where I produce more proffesional style articles such as reviews, recipes and tips. Here was the birth of my current blog. It's the same blog just a little more grown up. Now I blog for me, instead of to let off steam like a diary, it's for pure enjoyment. I love to share my views and as a journalism student I just really like to write and have a chance to share my thoughts with potentially people from all over the world. That's what is so crazy, for me, I think it's amazing the potential reach of a single blog post. People from places you'd never imagine can read my thoughts. I also love the idea that my blog is my temple, I have no religion, no church, no temple, so for me my blog is a place where I can relax and find my thoughts, some serenity in a busy day, as well as be part of a community of other bloggers. 

Ten blogs I’m addicted to

Mr Kate
I LOVE MR KATE! She has the coolest and quirkiest ideas! I find myself reading and watching her stuff all the time. Her and Joe are also too cute. Oh and I love her tattoos.

Free People
I love to check their DIY page when I'm feeling creative. So many boho ideas that look so stylish and remind me of that beachy boho California girl everyone loves!

Blondes Love Cupcakes
Firstly, I think that is the cutest blog name ever! I always find something interesting to read on this blog. The layout is stunning and it's a pleasure to read. The articles are all so simple but inspiring.

Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind
The best cake recipes, like, ever! Seriously. If you're ever having a naughty day, pop down and take a look at their baked goods and I'm sure you'll find something to bake that will satisfy your craving.

Tuula  AND Gary Pepper
I love to look at their beautiful photos. They both have the most amazing fashion sense and I love to look at the pics if I'm having a down day or stuck on what to wear, to inspire me. Tuula is more boho meets glamour whilst Gary Pepper is more smart-vintage. They have beautiful photos of their travels too. 

A Beautiful Mess
I love food. And I love the food she cooks. It always looks so beautiful and tasty. I don't go go on this blog that much but when I do, I can't get off!

I love her health posts! She makes me want to get up an exercise! She always has great fitness videos too.

Hello October
She reminds me of Tanya Burr who I also love to pieces. Her posts are always well informed with plenty of lovely pictures which I spend a fair amount of time looking at instead of reading the actual post... Ooops. Sorry!

Being Little
She has some pretty cool lifestyle post. I actually read the writing on her blog and not just look at the photos!

I'm sorry if you were hoping this was going to be a Halloween post! Which blogs are you addicted to?

Love O