Thursday, 23 October 2014

Fall Primark Haul

I found a few treasures in my local primarni! I bought a few basic shirts, featuring a beautiful gothic-esque floral pattern and an antique style floral pattern. Floral in fall... GROUNDBREAKING! Ugh now I want to watch the devil wears prada. My jumper is also super cute! Anyways, this post isn't very long because the video speaks for itself.. So watch it guys and girls!

Love O


  1. I love your YouTube channel, your videos at including your Fall Primark Haul video. Even though I have my own YouTube channel at I can't comment directly on YouTube since I've refused to join Google+. Therefore I'm always happy when fashion bloggers embed their videos on their blogs where I can comment.
    I LOVE the pink/orange colour of the Primark top you're wearing for the first minute of this video! What a bargain! I like the look of the fabric. The floral prints on the next two Primark blouses (starting at 1:05 and at 1:23) are beautiful. Your long hair looks very healthy and pretty. I like the cute cat face on your fluffy Primark jumper at 2:16. I like your scarf too.
    P.S.: I just added a permanent link to your blog on the front of my blog at

  2. Im glad you enjoyed it. it's so comfy too! Aw thank you!

  3. I love Primark lol, you can get so many great things in there!
    Love the orange tshirt you are wearing at the beginning - what a bargain!

  4. I love the cat face jumper, everything with cats is definitely on my wishlist!