Thursday, 24 September 2015

Italy Haul

Hey guy,
I know, yet again this post is late! Oopsies! But this time it's because I was in Italy! Which I did explain in my previous video. However, if you are interested in what I bought then click the video below to find out!! :) 

Now that I am back from Italy I have started uni! So I was wondering if there were any university or school related posts/ videos you'd like me to do? Maybe a day in my life at uni?

Love O


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your I also watched and liked your video HAUL | What I Bought in Italy | Oriannas Oracle - YouTube video. Sorry I jumped the gun by leaving a comment on it on your previous post. The room where you filmed it looks very neat and organised. The baby blue shirt, swimsuit pieces and eyeshadow you bought in Italy are all lovely. I'm sure any videos you might make at uni would be fun to watch.

    1. haha that's okay! Im glad you liked it! Im wearing the blue shirt in my next video! :)