Tuesday, 29 October 2013

BEAUTY: Todays Hair

This is just a simple hairstyle that I've been wearing quite a lot lately because it keeps my side fringe (bangs) out of my face, so it's much less of a hassle during uni. I love it because it really shows off my highlights and has a bit of a summer feel to it, which for some magical reason, really uplifts my mood during this chilly season! It is literally just a simple braid pinned to the side and is so great because it takes under 5 minutes to do and is a bit more fun than just leaving your hair down. This is great for people like me who are too lazy to bother making a big fuss out of their hair first thing in the morning, especially if you have an early start for school; I'd much rather spend the time people take styling their hair in the comfort of my toasty warm bed! 
Love O 

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