Saturday, 29 September 2012

FASHION: Which Underwear Are You?

Which Underwear Are You?

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Victoria s Secret lace thong panty

If You Answered:

A) You are into the finer things in life but, be careful because you may come across as high maintenance! Girls go green at your grace and glamour! You are the 'Queen-Bee' but people can get annoyed by your bossiness and see you as slightly superficial. 

B) Girls envy your sexiness and confidence. You are the seducer; You know what you want and exactly how to get it. When you go to a party you are the girl on the podium or strutting your stuff on a pole... Be wary of over-flirting though; You don't want to come across as a slut. People can be easy to pass judgement when they think you are being too promiscuous which can result in the loss of a friendship. You look best in black lace. 

C) You are the girly-girl, you love to be pampered and spoiled and your favourite day ends in a bubble bath! You may come across as a bit of a bimbo but that's O.K. because you are also honest, loving and caring. You remind people of Marilyn Monroe but, be careful, don't be naive, gullible or too nice because you could be taken advantage of.

D) Some call you down-to-earth and others call you simple. You enjoy the smaller things in life and take pleasure in simplicity such as a walk in the park. You like classical music and enjoy your own company. Try to integrate more- you don't want to come across as a snooze! You like nice in pastels and small yet fine jewellery as they emphasize your elegance.

E) You are a tomboy and probably enjoy sports more than shopping. You are most likely to mock girls who cry over a broken nail. You are honest and fun to be around but guys sometimes see you as one-of-the-lads! Be true to who you are but a bit of grace and femininity can go far if you are having trouble finding a boyfriend. Aim to wear a dress at least once a week.

F) Quirky, fun and adventurous sums you up! You like to party all night long; you are the heart of the party. Out of your friends you are the load and crazy one that everyone loves to hang out with. Don't get too caught up in having fun though as you risk not being taken seriously and being seen as an attention seeker! 

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