Tuesday, 25 September 2012

How to go from flab to fab!

Before you read farther into this article I would like to clarify that, although loosing weight can be beneficial, losing too much weight can be very dangerous and lead to many health problems such as: a lowered immune system, anemia, fertility issues and osteoporosis.

-Eat corn. We don't digest corn so if you snack on corn it will fill your tummy stopping you from being hungry and not get digested so you won't put the weight on!

-Walking instead of driving or taking a bus. An obvious one but it really does help! The only exercise I do is that I walk or cycle everywhere because I have such a hectic timetable at the moment that I can't do any sports. Exercise speeds the metabolism, burns calories, helps circulation and releases endorphin's which make you happy!

-Drink a lot of water. This may bloat your tummy but it will fill you up and clean out your body from toxins.

-Graze on 6 handful sized meals every other hour so all the food is burnt and used for energy and none is stored as fat. This is healthier and you stay filled all days and therefore won't feel the need to snack on 'junk' food.

-Don't fad diet because they are so drastic and almost impossible to maintain so although they will result in rapid weight loss-which is unhealthy and will cause skin to sag- you will end up putting more weight on when you cave in to cravings and gorge on unhealthy food

-Write out your goal and stick it in a place you look at often (eg mirror) to remind you to keep to the diet. Writing out your goal, also makes it clearer in your mind.
Remember to have a goal that is challenging but achievable!

Love O

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