Thursday, 4 July 2013

Isle of Wight

I woke up in the early hours on Friday morning so excited to finally leave for Isle of Wight, that I ended up munching on gnocchi from the night before as I waited for my boyfriend Arun, to arrive. We left quite early for Southampton so that we could look around the area and make a day of it before getting on the ferry for 9pm. Even though it was late, the sun was just beginning to set so we sat on the top deck for a while until we were too cold to feel our hands.

We fell asleep snuggling and watching films, only to wake up in the same position ready for the day ahead. For breakfast, we were served a full English breakfast which was shoveled down my throat in a matter of minutes; I hadn't eaten since lunch the day before. We then set off on our adventure. The first place we went to was 'Wildlife Encounter' in Seaview which was so much fun! We could actually pet and feed some of the animals and we loved the Wallabies so much that Arun bought me a toy Wallaby, to take home with me! We loved it so much here as it was so peaceful and idyllic that we decided to have a Banoffee pie and a cheesecake for lunch at the zoo's cafe. We then drove down to Shanklin especially to go to the Rock Shop, as they have the most amazing old fashioned sweets where I bought my granddad a box of fudge for his birthday present, marshmallows for my mum and a rock sweet for my sister. After spending the day driving around, Arun treated me to dinner at an Indian restaurant where the food was delicious! We were so full after our meal that not only could we not finish it, we also had to rest our bloated bellies after. As the evening set in we went to Yates as it was across the road from us and had a few drinks.

Day 2 in Isle of Wight was cold and windy. After our English breakfast we drove to Blackgang Chine. However, inferior to our expectations this so called 'theme park' was desolate and barren with few rides to enjoy, so we got back into the car and set off on an adventure! We drove around Isle of Wight, looking at different areas of interest and finally found a little pathway and a pebble beach where we collected shells to take home. As it was cold we went to amazon world for a few hours, where we saw exotic animals such as an ocelot, lemurs, monkeys and many more! Bored, we drove back to Newport and on our way found a Cineworld and remembered that 'Dispicable Me 2' had just been released which we both really wanted to watch. So, we got a large hot-dog and nachos for dinner and enjoyed the movie: The whole cinema was left giggling at the minions and left in awe at the end with the daughter's cute speech. We ended our evening at a local pub with a pint accompanied with good old banter as we chatted the night away.

We were so sick of English Breakfast by the last day that we didn't eat breakfast. Instead we headed off to find a garlic farm as Arun wanted to take 'wet garlic' home. Following this we headed off to Ryde where we ate a kebab for lunch and bought ourselves American style sweets such as lucky charms, pop tarts and a Wonka bar! The pop tarts were scrumptious; we had the fudge sundae ones. We ended our last hours in Isle of Wight with a stroll along the sandy beach, watching the sun slowly set before we set off to take the ferry home.

Love O


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